Parking Enforcement and Citations

Parking lots, the parking garage, and off-street parking regulated by Drexel Parking Services are monitored by uniformed campus patrol. Parking enforcement has the authority to issue parking violation notices and order vehicles in violation to be immobilized or towed from campus. Vehicles that fail to present a parking permit or provide proper parking fees are subject to violation enforcement actions.

Pay a Citation or Submit Appeal

Drexel parking citations are to be paid online with a credit card. Citations must be paid within 30 days to avoid additional penalty.

Pay Citation or Submit Appeal


Cars parked illegally will be towed by third party tow companies. Contact information is available in each parking lot.

Immobilization of Vehicle

Vehicles immobilized by Drexel Parking Services require that all applicable fines are paid before the immobilization device is removed. Immobilized vehicles left on campus for more than five business days are subject to towing.

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