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Student Profile: Jessica Nabitovsky
MS in Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Business, Coulter Fellow

Jessica Nabitovsky

What was your major at Drexel?

For my Bachelor’s degree I majored in biomedical engineering and then for my Masters, I majored in integrated biomedical engineering and business.

Why did you select your major?

During my last year of undergrad as a biomed major, I realized that the jobs that I was applying to and jobs that I really wanted didn’t align. I wanted to not only know how different products were being developed by why they were being developed as well. It was then that I decided that a background knowledge in business was missing and that I would get my masters to fill that void. In terms of why I chose biomed, everything about the field always attracted me. It combined my passion for medicine with the problem solving and thrill of innovation and technology.

What were you looking for when you applied to the Coulter Fellows program?

I applied to Coulter during my graduate studies at Drexel. In the classroom I was beginning to learn business concepts that were completely new to me with no application for them. Coulter was my chance to apply the lessons that were taught to me to help research teams get funding. Within only a year, the material that I absorbed alongside Kathie and the team conducting market research was equivalent, if not more, than the material I learned in the classroom.

What project(s) did you work on?

I worked on several projects as a fellow for the Coulter program

  1. List of potential licensees for MiMecore
  2. CloudCASA market research
  3. Expanded Graphite market research

Why do you think being a Coulter Fellow was so valuable to you?

This was my first exposure to the business end of biomedical research. Throughout school, I had been so focused on the research and development of different techniques and technologies, that I had never thought about the market research or funding aspects. Coulter taught me to look at the projects from both the investors and customers point of view rather than just the researchers.

What did you find most interesting about the Coulter Fellow experience?

My favorite part of the Coulter experience was having the opportunity to sit in on the oral presentations that the research teams delivered to the board. Listening to the comments and concerns that came up taught me how to really pick apart and dig deep into some of the research that is being conducted. Additionally, understanding the questions that were asked and how different aspects can affect the success of these findings opened my eyes to a much bigger picture.

Who do you think is a good fit for the fellows program?

An individual with a passion for either biomedical engineering or business is perfect for this position. In addition, this individual should also be self-driven, flexible, and willing to learn relevant material along the way.

What do you feel you gained from the program?

In all honesty, I have Coulter to thank for my position at Accenture. During interviews, I was asked to explain my experience and the business concepts that I learned over and over again that allowed me to see just how valuable this experience was. Understanding the much bigger picture outside of a project and the research is essential for its success, and consulting firms such as Accenture focus on just that. I was able to work alongside a great team that was willing to help me every step of the way, and I will be forever grateful for the knowledge (and job) that came out of that.

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