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Xpressive Instruments

Xpressive Instruments

Xpressive Instruments LLC is a company that creates computer software and mobile apps for the music creator. Today’s music creators have a problem. During the past decade, more and more of them have had the luxury of using synthesized instruments (computers that digitally simulate the sound of many instruments) to enable them to hear what their compositions sound like without assembling a live band. However, drum sounds have been more difficult to simulate because of the wide variety of drumming styles and sounds that exist. Our first product, Xpressive Drums, solves that problem: it is an iPad app that simulates the sounds of different drums played in different ways by different musicians.

Xpressive Drums revolutionizes the quality of drum sequences without having to record live. Our product is a virtual drum iPad app, which allows for recording, editing and audio playback. The first version is equipped with over 3,500 sounds with different techniques on each type of drum. This allows users to play signature techniques of famous musicians, and use software that can communicate between the iPad and a computer. Much of the music that we hear on television, radio, movies, and videogames is created using synthesized instruments. Xpressive Drums enables composers to intuitively manipulate intensity, articulation, and velocity in synthesized instruments.

Our target customers are modern composers or music creators, who use synthesized instruments to record sequences; amateur musicians who create background music in restaurants and music venues; music producers who create beats; and schools, where the app’s many uses can be utilized for educational purposes.

To date, there are no direct competitors in the virtual drum iPad application field that offers Xpressive Drums’ features: the high sound quality, multi-touch technology, and expressive characteristics.

After the release of Xpressive Drums in 2015, Xpressive Instruments will adapt the unique technology to enhance the quality of other synthesized instruments. Xpressive Strings will allow users to have intuitive control over the expressive sounds of violins, violas and cellos.