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Drexel Startups

adant logo

Adant Technologies

Adant Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures adaptive wireless systems using its unique Beamshaping smart antenna technology to provide an unprecedented wireless experience to WiFi, LTE, IoT, RFId and other RF devices.

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biorez logo


(formerly known as Soft Tissue Regeneration)

Biorez is pioneering a new standard of care to improve the lives of patients by developing tissue-engineered implants that harness the body’s regenerative capacity to rebuild functional tissue.

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arbutus logo

Arbutus Biopharma


The company's focus lies in discovering, developing and commercializing a cure for patients suffering from chronic hepatitis B infection through its comprehensive HBV pipeline of drugs and drug candidates with multiple mechanisms of actions.

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emunamedica logo


Emunamedica is a leading diagnostics company that has developed a patented and clinically-tested system designed to assess whether a chronic wound, such as a diabetic foot ulcer will heal given the current course of therapy.

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qlida logo

QLIDA Diagnostics

QLIDA develops next-generation biomarker diagnostic tests. The company’s proprietary portable, hand-held platform can be used for diagnosis of life-threatening diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, through the use of a nanotechnology-based protein detection.

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glycotest logo


Glycotest Diagnostics is developing unique and non-invasive blood tests for liver cancers and fibrosis-cirrhosis. Our technology could revolutionize care and treatment for people at risk due to chronic liver disease—both people with viral hepatitis (chronic hepatitis B and C infections) and the rapidly growing population with non-viral hepatitis due to obesity and metabolic disease.

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tbt logo

TBT Group

TBT offers a wide range of customized material formulations and engineering services for various applications.

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drakontas logo


Drakontas develops team collaboration software applications and training programs to Federal, state, and local governments, serving the defense, law enforcement, criminal justice, transportation and consumer markets.

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lifesplice logo

LifeSplice Pharmaceuticals

LifeSplice Pharma is an early-stage biotech company that develops extraordinarily specific, potent, and long lasting RNA-based drugs called 'Splice Modulating Oligomers' (SMOs) to treat severe neurological and non-neurological diseases with critical unmet medical needs. The LifeSplice platform technology relies upon innovative and cost-effective in-silico drug design, validated by its founding scientists, that allows for extremely rapid discovery of new SMO product candidates.

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polycore logo

PolyCore Pharmaceuticals

PolyCore Therapeutics’ experienced team of scientists and life sciences professionals is dedicated to developing breakthrough treatments for CNS Diseases.

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ArchDia is a software health management system which identify architectural and design issues to reduce your software development and maintenance costs.

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Lenima Field Diagnostics

Lenima offers revolutionary, groundbreaking molecular testing that can be brought to the point of care. The heart of Lenima's molecular diagnostic tests is a revolutionary piezoelectric plate sensor (PEPS) based on a novel thin crystalline material that allows unsurpassed sensitivity, simplifying the genetic testing process, permitting rapid and simultaneous testing of multiple nucleic acids including both DNAs and RNAs in a simple, elegant, portable, and low-cost format.

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context logo

Context Therapeutics

Our most advanced clinical-stage program, Apristor, is being investigated in breast and ovarian cancers. Because Apristor is the first pure progesterone receptor (PR) antagonist, the drug has the potential to improve overall survival by providing more complete hormonal blockade than dual PR agonist/antagonists.

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enAble Games

enAble Games is an Active Video Game (AVG) platform that includes a suite of fun and challenging games for players with disabilities.

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insta logo


Instadiagnostics envisions a world in which an individual’s health can be evaluated within a few minutes via blood/urine/saliva tests performed at the point of care and results provided within a single visit. By developing a plug and play platform diagnostic device, with panel tests for a range of diseases, we plan to be a leader in rapid, quantitative, multiplexed point of care diagnostics.

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sunp logo

SunP Biotech

SunP Biotech has pioneered the development of tools and resources for precise, reliable 3D printing of cells and biological tissues.

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procare logo

ProCare Diagnostics

ProCare Diagnostics is a member of the Impact Medical Strategies group of companies, and is developing a unique test to detect and diagnose prostate cancer.

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biologic logo

BioLogic Insecticide

BioLogic Insecticide is developing a safe and effective pesticide for domestic and agricultural used based on the food-safe ingredient erythritol, which is non-toxic to humans and other mammals but kills a variety of insect pests.

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kinos logo

Kinos Medical

Kinos Medical is developing an orthopedic implant for total ankle replacement that provides better biomechanical performance than existing implants.

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touchkeys logo

TouchKeys Ltd.

TouchKeys manufactures thin sensor overlays that attach to any standard-sized keyboard and transform the piano-style keyboard into an expressive multi-touch control surface.

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Untra Corporation

Untra Corporation provides comprehensive tools and services for information management and information technology solutions.

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Chartworm provides an app for personal medical records integration and access: collecting medical record information from multiple providers in one location, empowering patients to share records with family and other caregivers, and take active stewardship of health information.

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Boinca Therapeutics

Boinca is developing new cosmetic and therapeutic treatments that address skin aging and age-related skin diseases.

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Please contact Dr. Sarah Johnson at for more information.

Proximity AI

ProximityAI is an artificial intelligence application that identifies integration tasks as software is being developed, thereby reducing the need for rework. Please contact Frank Coyle at for more information.