Nolij training is now offered entirely online! Please complete the following steps to watch the video tutorial and to gain access to application.

1. Watch a brief training video on navigating Nolij

This tutorial includes:

  • Logging into the application
  • Choosing a workflow/view
  • Searching for student records
  • Viewing and uploading documents
  • Indexing and deleting documents
  • Clearing search results
  • Changing accounts (if applicable)

Having trouble viewing the embedded video? Click here to access it on Drexel Streams.

2. Request your Nolij Account

>> Electronic Request Form

This request form will ask you for some basic information required to create your Nolij account. Also, a brief quiz is included as a review of the material demonstrated in the video tutorial.

Your account will not be created until you complete this form and submit the results.

Please note: AIS does not have authorization to grant access to Finance data. If you are looking for Web*Finance Nolij access, please visit the Office of Comptroller website ( or email

3. Access Nolij Web

Once your account has been created, you can access Nolij Web at To log-in, simply enter your DrexelOne username and password.

Need additional help with Nolij?

Nolij documentation is available as a quick overview of the application's basic features and navigation. If you have an account and are having trouble accessing Nolij, or if you are receiving an error of any kind, please contact us at

Finally, please note that if you are attempting to access Nolij off-campus, a VPN connection is required.