Bernetta Millonde

Bernetta Millonde
Director, Diversity Initiatives & Community Relations

About Me

I'm an urban dweller, having lived in major cities in the United States, including Brooklyn, NY; Richmond, VA; Los Angeles, CA; and Philadelphia, PA. I enjoy the vibrancy of cities, entertainment options, cultural diversity, and the plethora of food options!

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What advice would you give to a high school student applying to college?

Be authentic to your innate gifts and interests in choosing a career path and major. I truly believe that if we follow our gifts, we will realize and define success in our own terms and fulfill our purpose.


Place on Campus:

Academic Bistro. Can you tell I like to eat?

Restaurant/Food Truck:

The mini-food carts that serve falafal and rice platters.

Philadelphia Landmark/Location:

The Kimmel Center.