Christine Delong

Christine Delong
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Los Angeles Metro Area
Santa Barbara & Ventura County
New York excluding Greater New York City

About Me

I am a Drexel alum with a bachelor's degree in marketing and entrepreneurship, currently working on my master's degree in marketing!

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What advice would you give to a high school student applying to college?

Remember that your parents are just trying to help you, even though you may get sick of their advice!


Place on Campus:

My favorite place on campus is definitely the DAC (aka the gym)! It's a great place to stay active and get involved!

Restaurant/Food Truck:

My favorite food truck on campus has to be Happy Sunshine (the little yellow truck located on 33rd and Arch). You'll love it even more when you discover the video that a student posted online for their school project!

Philadelphia Landmark/Location:

My favorite Philly location is Spruce Street Harbor Park. It's full of colorful hammocks in the summer and a spot to ice skate in the winter.