TV Production & Media Management

TV Production & Media Management

The TV Production & Media Management program at Drexel University is committed to preparing students for a professional career in the dynamic and changing world of television.

With the advantage of being in Philadelphia, America's fourth-largest television market, the program combines the resources of DUTV, Drexel's fully-equipped television station with a comprehensive academic program. Students are provided with extensive experiences in the development, writing, production, editing, programming, multi-platform distribution, management, and promotion of television content. Each year, students in the program create several TV shows, including our Emmy-winning monthly magazine show "DNEWS" and our Emmy-winning half-hour comedy series "Off Campus," which utilize professional actors and are produced to prime time network standards. The program fully integrates Drexel's signature co-op learning experience to reinforce the connection between what's learned in the classroom and studio and what's done in the professional world.

The major offers a course of study of 188 credits with tracks in Comedy & Drama Production, News & Non-Fiction Production, and Industry & Enterprise. Students are taught by a notable faculty of industry professionals whose experience, passion and contacts help prepare them to enter and navigate the competitive world of television.

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