Screenwriting & Playwriting

Screenwriting & Playwriting

Screenwriting & Playwriting

The Westphal College Screenwriting & Playwriting program is designed to guide and prepare students in their pursuit of a writing career for the stage or the screen. The program emphasizes both the principles of dramatic writing and a practical hands-on approach to instruction. Graduates are armed with the skills, experience, and confidence to gain an edge in a growing and competitive field.

In their courses, students first acquire the essential skills of dramatic story telling, and then apply this knowledge to the creation of scripts that conform to professional standards. Students meet and interact with successful working artists in the entertainment industry, and learn first-hand about real world industry requirements. In addition, Drexel's pioneering co-op affords hands-on experience in the field. Perhaps the most important skill Screenwriting & Playwriting students acquire at Drexel is the life-long process of accumulating a writer's capital. They aquire the tools of the mind with which they'll see and hear the world, spin from reality and imagination, and tell their own uniquely compelling stories.

What Makes Drexel's Screenwriting & Playwriting Program Distinctive?

  • Class size is limited, insuring a high level of individual attention and interaction with faculty. In particular, all of the professional writing courses are limited to a maximum of 16 students.
  • Students begin their writing coursework in the first year of study.
  • Practicing professional writers teach courses and interact with students on a regular basis, maintaining the currency of the program.
  • All students complete a senior project of professional scope to prepare them for the practical and creative challenges they will face in the field.
  • Students are continually encouraged to develop individual styles of expression through experience with a diverse range of forms and subjects.
  • Students take classes and interact with a broad cross-section of those studying other arts - architects, graphic designers, chefs, musicians, filmmakers, fashion designers and photographers.
  • Drexel University is located in Philadelphia, a major, national media center. The city's own activities as well as those of nearby New York and Washington D.C. provides students with the opportunity to interact and take part in a rich array of cultural, cinematic and theatrical offerings.

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