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Design & Merchandising Shop

Design & Merchandising Shop

Design and Merchandising Shop


d&mShop is a retail laboratory run by the Design & Merchandising students within the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design at Drexel University. It offers students the opportunity to learn how to operate a business enterprise using a hands-on method, while promoting the work and products of Drexel University faculty, students, alumni, staff and local artists.

Products for Sale

The products offered for sale are based on submissions from artists that include original designs for items such as jewelry and accessories, apparel, gifts, stationary, handbags, scarves, and home goods. Products assortments for the retail store and online store vary and are specialized and designed for specific events/dates. These products are often one of a kind or produced in small quantities and are only offered for a limited time. This is your opportunity to support the innovative products and designs of local artists.

DM Shop Product Samples

How to Submit Product

The Shop solicits for product throughout the year. Product offerings, price points and availability may vary by sale event. In order for product to be accepted into the shop for sale, it must be well made, priced competitively, be crafted or designed, and is an original design by the artist.

Artists must read and accept the Terms and Conditions and complete and submit the Artist Submission Form. The Artist Submission Form indicates your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of product submission, payment terms, and provides us with your inventory. The form must be submitted digitally, by emailing it to and must accompany your product with submission.

You can also request a submission package by emailing

All product needs to be delivered to first floor of the URBN building during turn-in hours, listed on the calendar. All merchandise must be tagged and priced according to the Terms and Conditions to be accepted for sale. Product ideas and submission are always welcome from the artist community.

Where to Shop

d&mShop pop up

See the calendar (below) for retail store pop-up events and product submission deadlines. The retail store pops-up in the URBN Center Lobby, located at 3501 Market Street.


See the calendar (below) for online flash sale events. The online store launched in December 2012. The online store is open everyday. Shop at your convenience.



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