Drexel Pilates Training Program

Drexel Pilates Training Program

The Drexel Pilates Training Program is designed to impart the full classical Pilates repertoire through the lens of clear biomechanics, sound pedagogy, dedication, and rigor. This 450 hour comprehensive training program ushers one small group of Apprentices through each 1-year cycle. Our approach involves each Apprentice experiencing significant contact time as both a teacher and a practitioner. We honor each individual's embodiment of the work, assessing every apprentice's performance and teaching in both practice and testing environments. We support each Apprentice as he or she steps into new levels of understanding, identifying areas of weakness and setting specific goals along the way. We step back slowly but surely as the Apprentice grows throughout the year. By the end of the cycle, each Apprentice is prepared to perform at and Advanced Level and to step into a new role as a full Pilates Instructor.

This program was created and is implemented by Jennifer Morley and supported by Studio Manager and Drexel Pilates Instructor Megan Quinn. Additional Drexel Pilates Staff members come in to the Training Program to teach classes and sessions and to offer feedback at testing cycles.

Program Qualifications

Entrants to the Drexel Pilates Training program are expected to have a minimum of 30 hours of prior Pilates training at the studio. Drexel students and staff are required to complete these prerequisites, and can begin by downloading the packet below. Within the Drexel Pilates community, individuals working on their prerequisite hours are called "Apprentice Ones", and are often invited into the studio to serve as practice clients and testing bodies for individuals already in the full training program ("Apprentice 2's").

There are cases when individuals with significant Pilates and/or somatic experience from outside the community are eligible to waive some or most of these prerequisite hours . An individual must have experience that is comparable to that of the entering Apprentice 2's and significant justification for not being able to do the full Pre requisite program. The entrance minimum for special circumstances is is either 5 prerequisite hours or 3 private sessions plus the entrance exam.

All entrants are required to take an entrance exam. This exam, as detailed in the packet below, requires individuals to perform the Intermediate Mat work for either the studio Director or Manager. See the packet for more details on the entrance exam.

Click here to download the Level 1 packet

15-16 Training Program Calendar

Fall Mat Module

Winter Mixed Equipment Module

Spring Reformer Module

Program Components

Each Apprentice will complete:

6 Training Weekends
10 Private Sessions with the Director
20 Private Sessions with an Instructor
42 Practice Private Sessions (Teaching)
30 Hours of Teaching Rotations
10 Hours of Studio Skill Building
10 Mat Classes (Teaching)
8 Performance/ Pegagogy Exams
3-6 Written Tests
1 Comprehensive Exam

Each Apprentice has a binder with tally sheets for each component. Studio Instructors sign off on each completed hour. Apprentices present completed tally sheets to qualify for their Comprehensive Exam.

For more information on the Program Components, click here to download the Level 2 packet

Comprehensive Exam

When an Apprentice has completed his or her hours, he or she emails the studio manager to set up their 90 minute comprehensive exam.

The exam:

1. Submit your tally sheets one week ahead of time for review by the Director.
2. The first segment of the test will be a 30 minute session for an Apprentice 1. He or she will identify an issue they are working on. You will create a session on a minimum of 3 pieces of equipment addressing their issue.
3. The second segment of the test is your performance test. You will be given 2-5 exercises on each of the following: Mat, Reformer, Tower, Wunda / High Chair, Spine Corrector/Ladder Barrel, and Supplementary (Rotator Discs, Arm Weights, Ped-a-Pull, or Foot Corrector).
4. We will conduct a mock job interview in which you must articulate your views on your strengths, weaknesses, and objectives as an Instructor.
5. Depending on the situation, you may be asked to complete a muscle-taping test or a written case study.

Group Classes

Private Sessions

Teacher Training Program

Summer Intensive

The Team