Westphal Print Center

Westphal Print Center

The Westphal Print Center, housed in the URBN Center at 3501 Market Street, Suite 3A20, is proud to offer large and small format printing to the entire University. The Westphal Print Center can be accessed from on campus or from home through our Sharepoint file submittal system. We offer Xerox Laser printing to a variety of paper types. We also offer HP large format plotting and printing ranging from 24 inches up to 42 inches wide, also on a variety of paper types. Files to be printed are submitted through the Westphal Print Center Sharepoint portal where our attendants on duty will review and process the file. In order to offer users the utmost convenience prints can be paid for from home, submitted and be picked up at our Pay From Home pickup station in the URBN Center 24 Hours a day. Plese visit to reach our submittal site and use our "How To" tutorials on the left side of the page.


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For questions or to confirm a Print Attendant is on duty, call us at 215.895.1580 or email us at:

To submit prints or view how-to guides and prices, please visit:
(Drexel username/password required).