Rudman Institute

Rudman Institute

"All the world's a stage" - William Shakespeare

Never have Shakespeare's words been more relevant. Now that all of us can create films that millions might view online, or write and perform songs in the basement and find an audience, the media industry has ceased being a top down enterprise. This doesn’t mean that skill and training are irrelevant, it just means that what was once a one-way conversation has become a two-way, three- way or thousand-way conversation - with the audience now part of the creative process from the start.

The Kal and Lucille Rudman Institute for Entertainment Industry Studies strives to explore the seemingly limitless possibilities in this new world, where old, new and yet-to-be-created media can work together.

The mission of the Rudman Institute is to combine the resources of Drexel University, the dynamism of Philadelphia and the expertise of industry, academic, civic and community leaders, to forge a blueprint for harnessing the energy of the evolving media landscape.

Whether it's hearing from Nancy Dubuc, President and CEO of A&E Networks, about the nitty-gritty of cable television programming, or meeting Doug Ellin, creator of the hit HBO show Entourage - the Rudman Institute brings media movers and shakers to campus to start the conversation about where things are headed. Our hope is that the Rudman Institute will nurture the ideas that will help shape the future of entertainment.

Great Works Symposium 2013-2014

This year, The Rudman Institute and the Pennoni Honors College proudly present: The Great Works Symposium 2013-2014 "Media:  Past, Present and Future" – A yearlong look at the evolution of media over the centuries. This course is open to all Drexel students. Click here to learn more!

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