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Jesse Krimes 
Deus ex Machina 
January 12- March 18 
Opening Reception Thursday January 14 5:00-7:00pm dfsdfs Artist Talk and Q & A 5:30pm

Join us for an exhibition of all new works by Philadelphia based artist Jesse Krimes. Deus ex Machina explores the hidden mechanics of power using ordinary objects and found materials transformed into precariously balanced systems. "Deus ex machina" or "God from the machine," is a storytelling device used to resolve an impossible situation. In this case, Krimes draws on his own history of incarceration to explore societal hierarchies and systems through the lens of confinement. Using manmade and natural systems of containment including birdcages and beehives, Krimes plays with shifting sightlines to create disorienting experiences that suggest authoritarian institutions, such as prisons and art galleries.  

Learn more about Jesse here.