Sustainability in the Built Environment

Sustainability in the Built Environment

Sustainability in the Built Environment

The Department of Architecture + Interiors has launched a new minor, Sustainability in the Built Environment. The minor is open to all Drexel University students. Required course include Sustainable Design: History and Theory; Sustainable Built Environment I & II; Collaborative Research in Sustainability; and campus wide elective opportunities. Students enrolled in the minor will have opportunities to work on interdisciplinary collaborations including Drexel Smart House, community engagement design electives such as The McMichael School and Mantua Community Design Build and other projects related to urban sustainability.

The intent of the Minor is to prepare students to engage and analyze future design challenges from a sustainability perspective. Students completing this Minor will be able to approach these challenges in a resourceful and insightful way with a solid foundation of sustainability principles. The emphasis on collaboration and trans-disciplinary teamwork will allow our students to serve as agile leaders in their future careers and be active participants in the critical discourse of our field. The Minor requires students earn a total of 24 credits.

Interested students are encouraged to contact sustainability minor program coordinator professor Diana Nicholas.

Required Courses: (15 credits) 

3cr INTR 310: Sustainable Design: History and Theory: (Core Concepts)

Existing course, currently offered in spring

3cr ARCH 315: Sustainable Built Environment I: (Survey and current strategies) 

New Course

3cr ARCH 320: Sustainable Built Environment II: (Future and speculative Strategies) 

New Course

3cr INTR 410: Collaborative Research in Sustainability: (Conceptual and applied concepts)

New Course

3cr Students must take one course from the Arts & Sciences College (select from the list below or approved by advisor):

ANTH 360: Culture and the Environment (fall quarter)

ENVS 260: Environmental Science and Society (fall and summer quarter)

PHIL 341: Philosophy of the Environment (winter quarter)

SOC 345/ENVP 345: Sociology of the Environment

Free Electives: (9 credits)

Select three courses below; or by permission of Minor Coordinator

The elective list below will be updated as new courses in Sustainability become available in the University. If you have questions regarding inclusion of a course not on this list, please see the Sustainable Minor advisor.

3cr ANTH 360: Culture and the Environment (fall quarter)

3cr ARCH 348: Studies in Vernacular Architecture (spring quarter)

3cr ARCH 463: Emerging Architectural Technology (summer quarter)

3cr ARCH 465: Energy and Architecture (summer quarter)

3cr COM 317: Environmental Communication (fall quarter)

3cr INTR 465: Community Seminar (fall and spring quarter)

3cr PHIL 341: Philosophy of the Environment (winter quarter)

3cr SOC 341/ENVP 360: Environmental Movements in America (summer and fall quarter)

3cr SOC 345/ENVP 345: Sociology of the Environment