TV in Service to Community:
The TVMN Civic Engagement Initiative

TV in Service to Community:
The TVMN Civic Engagement Initiative

Graduate Students
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Graduate Students
Seacrest Studios
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Television Management graduate students have always engaged with the community, but this year, there has been a new development.

We have formalized the TV Management's service relationship with the community by creating a new civic engagement initiative that we call -- Television in Service to Society. The idea is to engage our TVMN graduate students in problem solving for not-for-profit institutions and organizations that need our TV Management expertise.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Last spring we formalized an affiliation agreement with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia through which our students were invited to work as interns in the Ryan Seacrest Foundation Studios at CHOP. Two TVMN students, Amie Dibba and Agnes Varughese interned there last summer and are now volunteers; the facility provides television programming for the children in the hospital and Amie and Agnes have done every job found in a TV station from performing as on-air talent to managing production. Several of our new students have already expressed an interest in continuing our relationship with CHOP.

Television Management Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Television Management graduate students engaged with the community.

The second opportunity for civic engagement came from the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute’s Lindsay Shay and Elwyn’s Karen Krivit who had a project that needed our student’s professionalism. The project deals with development of a series of instructional videos to teach Asian immigrant families with autistic children about the medical help available to them. Under Karen Krivit's leadership, we formed a team consisting of Hai Ri, Shanshan Hu, Wan Xinting, and Ruan Die, ably assisted by Sarah Miklejohn. After many weeks of work this summer, that video is ready for distribution. We look forward to continuing our association with the project.

Elwyn Autism Speaks

And this is just the beginning, because we believe that good television managers have an responsibility to function in the public interest, wherever possible, and because service to the community is part of the ethos of our industry, we felt it was important to formalize this practice as part of our graduate students’ learning experience at Drexel.

For Information, please contact: Al Tedesco.

A.J. Drexel Autism Institute

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