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The Performance Charrette


A weekend of intensive, interdisciplinary, multimedia performance/design collaboration sponsored by Dance & DIGM Programs.

What do we do? We make something that we show to others. That something is based on your background, experiences, interests and capacities. You will be given a few rules to follow and within those rules you work with your team to create a performance experience for each other and for your potential audience. You are not required to work in your major discipline -you can design your role for any other interests that you follow or you may team up with someone in a field that you are curious about.

Once the theme is announced mid-winter term, registration opens up, and you may sign up until the end of winter term using the registration form on this site. On your return for spring term, you will receive an email with the location, guidelines and general details about the project.


Opening Reception and Skate Demo (Pearlstein Gallery)
Thursday, April 7th | 5 - 7 PM

Lecture Demonstration with guest artist Subcircle (349 URBN)
Thursday, April 7th | 8 PM

Creative Collaboration* (Pearlstein Gallery)
Friday, April 8th | 6 - 10 PM

Saturday April 9th | 10 AM - 6 PM

Sunday April 10th | 10 AM - 2 PM

Technical Rehearsal
Sunday, April 10th | 3 - 5 PM

Performance & Group Discussion (Pearlstein Gallery)
Sunday, April 10th | 6 - 8 PM

*Some meals provided


DO NOT BE AFRAID. No one has a plan until you begin. Come in with your ideas.

LISTEN. SPEAK UP. ADVOCATE. ADJUST. The exact balance and dynamic of your group is unpredictable. Make space for other voices as well as being as clear as possible about your own thoughts. Advocate for your point of view, but be prepared to listen to others and to adjust and accommodate to include other points of view with an idea towards compromise. Stay calm and don't take it personally if your thing is not the thing the group agrees on. You will have other opportunities to express more of your thoughts.

RESPECT other processes. The things you know that might work best for creative process in your field may not transfer to other fields. Remember that the aim is not to be perfect. No one has the opportunity to do the most complex, layered version of what they do. Go for communicating the idea and not necessarily for the most complex version of it. Be prepared to simplify if possible. Manage your time and all your resources. Strategize with your teammates.

IMPROVISE & CLARIFY. There may not be time for the kind of rehearsal/finish/polish you might want. Consider making a clear structure that you can follow and letting the form be spontaneous in moments based on the ideas. Create markers with your group so that there are places/times where you can all "check-in".



Founded in 1998, by Niki and Jorge Cousineau, Subcircle’s work transforms theatrical and site-specific spaces, merging dance, sound, set design, lighting and film. Whether site-specific or performance for the stage, the work aims to convey to audience and performer alike – an inseparability of performance from environment. Subcircle is interested in ways of taking things out of their normal context – placing them differently, slightly skewed or distorted.  It is through this process that the goal remains – to test people’s ideas of where they see dance and theater, how and most importantly, why; and while doing so challenging them to be more than a passive audience member. In 2014 choreographer and performer Scott McPheeters joined the Cousineau’s as a co-director. Along with their artistic work in Philadelphia, together they have purchased a farm in Biddeford Maine which they will develop into an artists’ residency and retreat center over the next five years. With collaboration at its core, the company has worked with choreographer/director Carol Brown (London/New Zealand), composer Toby Twining, actor Geoff Sobelle, choreographers Darla Stanley and Gin MacCallum among others. Some of their works include Just Between Me (2001), Crevice (2003), Somewhere Close to Now (2005), Only Sleeping (2010) and SEED (2011). Subcircle’s work has been performed throughout Germany in Potsdam, Berlin, Dresden and Broellin, where they participated in the Body and Landscape Residency at the International Theater Research Center Schloss Broellin. In Philadelphia, they have been presented in DanceBoom, the nEW Festival, Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, and Blindspot. Subcircle’s dance film HERE was presented at the Michener Museum as part of the exhibit Lucid Dreaming and in 2012 they were part of the national dance film platform: Dances Made to Order.