Monique Stamps

Monique Stamps

Charlotte, North Carolina


In 1995, Stamps acquired a spinal cord injury at C 7-8 level due to an automobile accident and everyday she works to accomplish her dreams despite her disability with a smile on her face.

Since 2004 she has worked as a Peer Advocate at Disability Rights & Resources in Charlotte, N.C.  She works daily with people with disabilities to provide peer mentoring regarding housing, employment, education, assistive technology, independent living skills, and other issues deemed important by the consumer. She serves a the chairperson of the Gaston County Advocacy Council for People with Disabilities, a monthly advocacy meeting bringing together policymakers, municipal representatives, and people with disabilities in Gaston County, a largely rural area of fewer than 200,000 people. Stamps has a B.S. from Winthrop University in Social Work and over 10 years of experience in the human services field. 

She is currently on a mission to eliminate barriers to employment, healthcare and education for young girls and women with disabilities and stop the isolation and stereotypes that hinder these women and girls to living independently. In December 2010 she started a sister chapter of Women Embracing Abilities Now (WEAN) in Charlotte an organization that offers a support group, advocacy, and one on one mentoring for women with new and existing disabilities. WEAN also advocates for equal access to medical diagnostic equipment so that women with disabilities cannot be denied mammograms and proper ob/gyn care. She is also going into her 5th year as a Girl Scout leader. Being a mother to her daughter, Camryn, and son, Jordan, is her proudest accomplishment. Her children are what drive her to remain a woman who is steadfast, confident, strong, and creative.