Symbols of Change: Equality & Leadership on Kentucky Farmlands

Eugenia Potter

Delegate: Eugenia Potter
State: Kentucky



The goal of Women as Symbols of Change is to cross-pollinate Vision 2020’s focus areas of health, business, culture, education, communications, science, and philanthropy.  It will identify how:
• Female roles change in the entrepreneurial business of slow food movement. (Learn more about the slow food movement:
• The locally grown food movement influences Kentucky life, culture, health, and the way people eat.
• Farmers markets bring people together to make change in Kentucky.
• The stereotypical "farmer's wife" can develop into a symbol of change through sustainable agriculture and organic farming.
• Food, farms, and gardens become elements in the sustainability of cities.
• Education on healthier eating could change smoking, obesity, and cancer rates.
• Educational events and activities promote sustainable agriculture cost money.
• "Women's work" on farms evolved into entrepreneurial business.

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