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The Campaign for Equality seeks to make equality a national priority through shared leadership among women and men. 

Vision 2020 is working with a growing list of National Allies to amplify and support their work in increasing women in leadership across the professions and to mobilize our collective strength to make needed change on multiple fronts.

Between now and the Year 2020, Vision 2020's Campaign for Equality will work to: 

  • To increase the number of women in senior leadership positions
  • Advance women’s economic security and achieve economic parity 
  • Educate young people to value  gender equality, shared leadership, and civic engagement
  • Engage and educate women voters and increase women’s participation in the political process

The Shared Leadership Campaign

In 2016, Vision 2020 Launched The Shared Leadership Campaign as part of its Campaign for Equality. This is a national initiative to achieve 50-50 shared leadership in business and government. Click above to learn more about the Shared Leadership Campaign!

Other Resources

Learn about the progress of Vision 2020 by accessing Vision 2020 report card.

Upload the Vision 2020 Brochure for quick facts on Vision 2020.