Don't Just Hit the Books

Drexel's libraries are as forward looking as the rest of the University. Sure, we have plenty of the traditional bound books, but we also have extensive research and periodical databases that can be accessed from anywhere, and a renowned staff who will help you find what you need. Our main branch, the Hagerty Library, is a great place for both solo and group study.

Photo: Hagerty Library

Way Beyond the Stacks

When you think of a library, you probably picture rows and rows of books, racks of periodicals, and people studying quietly in carrels. The Hagerty Library has all of the above, but, in keeping with our tradition of innovation, Drexel's library system also offers a few things that you might not have imagined.

Take our "bookless library," for example. That might sound like a strange idea until you stop and think about how much research is happening online these days. The Library Learning Terrace combines access to our vast electronic resources with customizable study spaces and expert personal librarians.

The personal librarian concept is another one of our innovations. Each year, every incoming student is assigned one. Your personal librarian is available both online and in person to help you learn about the information resources and people that will help you succeed at Drexel.

"The program is a natural extension of what libraries have done for a long time," says Danuta Nitecki, Drexel's Dean of Libraries, "but now we're adding a personal element." She should know, because in addition to being the dean, she serves as a personal librarian herself.

Your own personal librarian and your own personal library – that takes a lot of stress out of the research process.