Health and Safety

At Drexel we're proud to be an urban school. But we understand that because we're located in a major metropolitan area we need to be proactive about safety and wellness. See below some of the resources we have on campus:

Campus Safety

Drexel Police Department – The University has a full-time staff of police officers who patrol the campus 24 hours a day. Drexel's police force patrols by foot, on bicycle, and in traditional police cruisers.

DrexelALERT – In the event of a campus emergency, students, faculty, and staff are notified via text and email messaging. Students are required to provide a current cell number to opt into this system.

Emergency Telephones – Walk through campus and you'll notice blue light boxes. Drexel has 62 emergency telephones throughout the campus. If you push the emergency button, Drexel safety personnel are immediately dispensed.

DragonCard – The official identification card for the Drexel community, the DragonCard also provides access to residence halls, classroom buildings, and on-campus events.

Walking Escorts – For late-night walks, students can call Campus Safety for a personal escort.


Drexel Student Health Center – Staffed by Drexel University College of Medicine physicians, the University's health center provides students with health-related needs from allergy shots to women's medicine.

Counseling Center – Mental wellness is important and the Drexel Counseling Center has mental health professionals to help students work through issues. A great resource for all students, the Counseling Center also holds workshops and presentations on issues that may affect new students, such as adjusting to college life and stress management.

Drexel Proactive Health – Established through the Rec Center, Drexel Proactive Health offers a variety of free and paid wellness services such as group exercise classes, nutritional counseling, fitness assessments, personal training, and even massages in order to encourage healthy, active lifestyles.