The smell of grilling is exactly what a day like this deserves.

Students Don't Break for Spring

2:30 on a Thursday afternoon in March: 70 degrees, partly sunny, and slightly breezy. The trees are in bloom, the official beginning of spring is right around the corner, and it's week nine of the winter term. Punxsutawney Phil was wrong.

Colleges that abide by the standard semester schedule usually give students a week off sometime in the middle of the semester, anywhere between the end of February and early April. You know, spring break. While all the attention is given to fun in the sun, they neglect to mention that those students probably have homework that's due when they get back from the beach. Laptops and sand don't mix.

Now take a look at Drexel. With our quarter system, students have to go longer before they get a break — 10 weeks plus finals, versus only six or eight weeks at the semester schools. The upside? Drexel students don't have any homework during their spring break. Because they get a week off between quarters there's nothing due and nothing to do except relax and have fun. Maybe they'll go home, maybe they'll stay and explore the city, maybe they'll go relax in some warm location, or maybe they'll choose to participate in Alternative Spring Break, a Drexel program that provides students with opportunities to participate in week-long community-based service projects in Philadelphia and around the nation to benefit the environment and those in need. Whatever they do, they can do it guilt free as far as homework is concerned.

Still, everybody's ready for a break now, right?

On the first warm spring-like afternoons of the year, you would expect to find students skipping class, playing ultimate frisbee, and sunbathing. We took a stroll around campus to see how everyone was taking advantage of the day. You've got to hand it to Drexel students — most of them were studying. No joke.

While there were lots of shorts, skirts, and sleeveless shirts out and about, we had to do a little hunting to find students who weren't hard at work.

This guy is trying to start "Circus" as a club sport. His friends aren't convinced.

College life is never complete without a guy playing a guitar, or in this case, a ukulele.

And... more diligent students.

Granted, it wasn't a long, bitter winter, but you have to replenish your vitamin D somehow — good on you for enjoying the weather while getting your work done. Just a couple of weeks until the break.

March 13, 2012

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