News Media Guidelines

A Guide to Working with the Media for Faculty and Staff

The Office of University Communications (UComm) is staffed by professionals with extensive experience in dealing with the media on a daily basis. UComm works with all media, including on-campus publications, local, national and international, in all formats — print, broadcast and electronic. In collaboration with the appropriate communications professionals at each college and school, UComm staff issues press releases, organizes press conferences and handles the University’s overall media relations.  The office assists in publicizing news that has a University connection. UComm also maintains a list of faculty experts whom external media can contact for expertise on timely topics or current events.

If a reporter contacts UComm with a request to speak to a faculty or staff member or contacts a faculty or staff member directly, UComm’s media relations team will help the faculty or staff member prepare for the interview and serve as the media liaison. For faculty who have authored a paper to be published, have a new research project under way, are receiving a prestigious award or grant, are planning a unique event or for any other publicity needs, this guide will them understand the University’s policies on how to reach the media.

A story or event may be very important to its sponsors, but whether it will receive external press coverage depends on many factors, including the nature and significance of the news or event, the timing and even what other news is happening that day. The media relations team will be able to advise on whether to expect coverage. Generally, a story must have some unusual aspect to warrant wide attention. Examples include: a scientific breakthrough, an exceptionally large donation, an appointment of a well-known scholar, or a timely event or development.

Media coverage of any story or event never can be guaranteed. However, most news will often be covered in the campus print and online media, including DrexelNow.

All contact with the media should be coordinated by the Office of University Communications according to University policy.