Web Communications

The Drexel website is a vital communication channel, and University Communications oversees the core site as well as providing support and establishing guidelines for the wide array of academic and administrative sites comprising Drexel's Web presence.

Web "Front door"

University Communications posts announcements of upcoming Open Houses and specific campus events on a regular basis on the Drexel web front door. In order to better serve the University community, the following guidelines have been put in place to help colleges, schools, and departments prepare and submit all coming event information in a cohesive and timely fashion (minimum of two weeks prior to event date) to University Communications.

While not all campus-wide events can be posted on the Drexel web front door due to space considerations, all events properly submitted will be considered for posting. All events submitted must have a supporting webpage (or site) in place to accompany a submission request. All webpages for events must adhere to the Drexel University Graphic Standards for website design.