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New Member Education

New Member Educator is one of the most important roles in Fraternity and Sorority Life. Utilize the New Member Educator Manual to find activities and sample documents for use during your program. Take advantage of the Greek FIRE: First-year Initiates Reaching Excellence program as part of your new member education program.

New Member Education/Intake Plan Cover Sheet  - This form is due the first Friday of September each year along with the completed information as requested on this form. If you plan to take new members in terms outside of the fall, please submit the cover sheet with updated dates and schedule, if your program is not changing. If the program changes, you must submit the entire program

New Member Registration Form and Hazing Acknowledgement Form for New Members - These forms are due no later than 48 hours after the members accepts the invitation to join. Both forms must be filled out entirely in pen (or typed preferred), signed, and submitted to 215 Creese Student Center with New Member Registration form stapled on top of the Hazing Form for each new member, and sorted in alphabetical order by last name.

Probate Policy

New member presentations/probate shows (or coming out shows) are an integral part of the multicultural fraternity and sorority experience. Drexel University recognizes that the participation in this tradition can have significant impact on the creation of community and sense of pride within the organizations who traditionally participate. In an effort to provide guidance that will enable the successful and positive continuation of the tradition of probate shows, the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life has established guidelines to ensure the success of planning a probate show at Drexel University.

Following chapter new member education/intake, new members of the fraternity and sorority community should…

  • Be able to articulate their organizations’ stated values as well as their own personal values
  • Be able to explain the meaning of their organizations’ creed
  • Be able discuss their local chapter/national organization and history on a deeper level than just memorized facts
  • Be able to discuss the general history of Greek-letter organizations
  • Be able to list the full names of all other organizations in the Drexel fraternity and sorority community (not just nicknames)
  • Identify as a member of the Drexel Greek community and their chapter, beyond just their new member class
  • Have engaged in meaningful service opportunities and be able to iterate the value of their service/philanthropy experiences
  • Be able to describe the difference between community service and philanthropy
  • Be able to provide a general description of chapter officer positions and the way their chapter runs business (meetings, elections, etc)
  • Be able to articulate the purpose of the three Greek councils and the basics of how they run
  • Be able to provide a general description of risk management according to university and organization policies
  • Be able to show an understanding of their organization, campus and state hazing policies/laws
  • Be able to articulate the resources and services provided by the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • Have developed appropriate relationships with other new members as well as initiated members of their chapter
  • Have developed the time management and study skills to be academically successful

A successful new member education program should…

  • Encourage individual development and success
  • Assist first-year new members in their transition to college life and all new members to the Greek community
  • Build respect for the individual
  • Stimulate intellectual growth
  • Promote understanding of the organization, fraternity & sorority life and their history/mission/purpose/values
  • Promote social responsibility and a healthy lifestyle
  • Promote friendship and interpersonal skills
  • Promote chapter unity and sense of community within the larger Drexel fraternity & sorority community
  • Promote diversity and the exchange of ideas
  • Promote involvement in community service and all-Greek/all-campus programming

Based on the standards presented by the North-American Interfraternity Council, New Member/Intake programs are expected to adhere to the following:

  • All new members must have a high school or college GPA above a 2.3 and all members must maintain at least a 2.25 after initiation
  • The associate/pledge/new member program will last no longer than twelve weeks, and it is encouraged that programs last less than twelve weeks
  • All pledge/associate/new member programs will be free from alcohol

Remember: The goal of any new member education program should be to make good chapter members, not good new members.


Greek FIRE: First-year Initiates Reaching Excellence 

Greek FIRE is an optional programming series for fraternity and sorority new members to compliment chapter new member education and prepare new initiates for success as Drexel students and continued leadership in the fraternity and sorority community. Any fraternity or sorority new member may participate once they have signed a bid with their chapter. It is preferred that the program be started before the new member is initiated but it can be completed anytime during their first year of membership.

Greek FIRE challenges each new member to create a Plan of Study in which he/she will attend certain programs or activities in a number of areas.  Each member has the option to choose the specific programs and activities fit their needs and schedule. Participation will be documented through the submission of a Greek FIRE Reflection forms for each program/activity.

New members completing the program will receive recognition and certificate of completion. In order to complete the program, the student must complete the pre-survey, the submission workbook, and a post-survey, as listed below.

Fraternity and Sorority New Member Survey
Greek FIRE Curriculum & Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Greek FIRE Post Survey

What people are saying about Greek FIRE: 

"At the time when I decided to pursue completing Greek FIRE, I did not know it was going to be so impactful to my college career. However, looking back, I can say that I developed as a person because I completed the Greek FIRE curriculum. Greek FIRE opened my eyes to so many resources and opportunities that Drexel University offers, which I would not have been able to take advantage of without Greek FIRE."

"I feel that I have grown as a person by completing this program. There is so much to learn relating to values, safety, and community. Some things that I learned were a positive reinforcement, and others were completely new, and something I would not have learned without this program."

"I feel like I gained a better perspective of Drexel University and the programs it has to offer. Normally I would not have attended some of these programs, and at first I was curious if I would like them. In the end it was a lot of fun and I was able to meet many interesting people."

For any questions about Greek FIRE, contact Fraternity and Sorority Life