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Your Student Has Been Suspended — Now What?

Students who have been suspended have a lot of decisions to make, and understandably these same students may not consider some of the items listed below because they are still emotionally engaged in the decision that they were suspended. This resource serves to help students and their families make good decisions not just during the time a student leaves Drexel, but also during the time that they wish to return.

Appeal Process

Appeals are due within 7 business days after sanctions are received. View more information about appeals.

Current Classes / Co-op

Should I keep attending class or coop if I plan to appeal? ANS = YES. Until the appeal process is exhausted or until the student is notified otherwise, students should continue to attend to all academic requirements.

Parental Notification

*Students should notify parents/guardians right away regarding the news of suspension. Parents/guardians can be a great source of support for suspended students during this time. The University will not notify parents/guardians of the suspension until a final disposition for the case has been reached.

Moving Out of the Residence Hall

The sanction letter will provide a move-out date and time for residential students involved in a suspension decision. If a student submits or indicates an intention to submit an appeal for the case, a decision may be made to not immediately impose the need to move out until a final disposition for the case has been reached. When an appeal is denied and the suspension goes into effect during the term, students will have 48 hours after final notification to move out. Please plan accordingly.

Ban From Housing / Ban From Campus

Suspended students are not permitted to be on campus at any time without prior written permission from the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Suspended students may not return to visit friends who reside in University Residence Halls or fraternity/sorority properties.

Housing Fees

Housing fees are not refundable. Students are liable for terms that are contracted, regardless if suspension is imposed.

Meal Plan Money

Dragon card money will stay on the card until the student returns to Drexel. Should a student choose not to return and want to have this money refunded, a request should be submitted by following the directions on the DragonCard website.

Tuition – What Happens Now?

Students whose suspension takes effect during the term may be eligible for a partial tuition refund depending on the suspension date. Students suspended for future academic terms will not be financially liable to pay tuition for those future terms. Any payments made for future terms will be refunded to the student once the bursar is notified of the final suspension dates.

Tuition Payments

Students should go to and submit a question with their 8-digit ID # related to making sure their accounts are up to date. Access to the Drexel One portal will not be an option. Drexel Central can also be called at 215.895.1445.

Taking Classes Off-Campus

It is very important for students to communicate with their academic advisor so s/he can advise them on what classes will transfer into Drexel and which ones will not.

Federal Financial Aid / Scholarships

Students should go to and submit a question with their 8-digit ID # related to financial aid and retaining scholarships. Access to the Drexel One portal will not be an option.

Academic Transcript

Conduct matters do not appear on the University transcript.

Drexel Email / Drexel One

User ID/network access will be terminated once suspensions are final. It is important for students to consider moving all important e-mail in their Drexel account to another email like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

Returning to Drexel

Previously suspended students will not register on-line, but with an academic advisor after the readmission process has been completed. To facilitate all steps for a successful return to the University, students should be mindful of their coop cycle, plan of study (classes), and billing cycle. At least three months prior to the end of the suspension period, students should reach out to (Student Conduct and Community Standards) indicating their wish to return to Drexel. The following steps need to happen in this order:

  1. All sanctions need to be completed
  2. A plan of study will need to be completed with the academic advisor
  3. A readmission form will need to be completed and submitted which reactivates the student’s Banner account
  4. The academic advisor will register the student for the upcoming term’s classes
  5. The Student Conduct office will request that access to the Drexel network be reactivated
  6. And finally, the student should come to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards once back to campus to retrieve their Student ID card.

Life After Drexel

Applications for graduate school and employment may ask the applicant to disclose and suspensions or probations.


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