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Steps for Student Organization Recognition of Undergraduate & Joint Groups

Student organization presidents are required to log-in to DragonLink to manage the recognition process for their organization.  DragonLink allows officers to better manage rosters, organization records, receive communication from OCA, etc.  ONLY presidents are permitted to complete the recognition form.

With 300+ student organizations at various stages of recognition, the process can take approximately three (3) weeks.  The recognition cycle will be open from Monday, July 15 to Friday, November 8, 2013 at 5:00pm.  For pre-existing groups, recognition does expire and needs to be renewed every year.  The steps in the recognition process are as follows:

The recognition process primarily consists of:

r  Complete the online student organization recognition form via DragonLink (Presidents ONLY!)

  • The “Register” button is located on your group’s DragonLink page
  • Submit a constitution/bylaws, containing all required elements, via the DragonLink registration form

r  Select a full-time faculty/staff advisor

  • Advisor will be required to submit a DragonLink form confirming their role

r  Complete Student Organization Orientation Trainings (SOOT)

  • Undergraduate and joint clubs must have the president, vice president (or second-in-command designee), and treasurer watch a SOOT training presentation and take the DragonLink quiz 

r  Treasurer completes SAFAC Treasurer Training

r  Upload a current roster in DragonLink

r  Identify president, vice president (or second-in-command designee), and treasurer via the roster function in DragonLink

r  Update and maintain the organization DragonLink page with logo/photo


The Steps:

  1. Log-in to DrexelOne using your Drexel user-ID and password (
  2. Click on the “drexel” tab on the header bar and then “DragonLink”, located in the left-hand channel labeled “Campus Involvement”.
  3. You will be redirected to the Drexel DragonLink website.  Click the “Organizations” tab on the Drexel University header bar and click:
    • For existing groups, the “Register” button will appear under your group name and within your group page
    • For potential new groups, “Register” will appear as “Register a New Organization” located at the bottom of the left-column menu under the Search Directory tools

New Student Organizations

For propsed new student organizations, this is the first step in the recognition process. upon filling out the online form, you will meet with the Office of Campus Activities (OCA) staff. After gaining approval via OCA and the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA), youthen will work through the below steps.

4. The organization president will submit the online recognition form that requires:
  • Updated officer and club information, mission and purpose of the organization, and contact information of your advisor.
  • A copy of the updated constitution follows this model and contains a developed mission statement, as well as inclusivity and anti-hazing statements.

5. Advisor is selected and contact information is provided.  The advisor will be required to complete a separate DragonLink form that will confirm their role as advisor.

6. The Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) and Office of Campus Activities (OCA) Recognition Committee will review the application for:

  • Checking for inclusivity and anti-hazing clauses within the constitution
    • Membership in this organization shall not discriminate against any individuals regardless of race, national origin, color, religion, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, and/or ability.
    • Membership should be a valuable and beneficial experience for all students. Leadership of this organization shall provide its new and current members with an experience that is positive, informative and consistent with federal, state, and local laws, and the policies and procedures of Drexel University.  Activities which detract from the goal of fostering personal and intellectual development have no place in this organization.  Hazing will not be tolerated by or of any member. It is the responsibility of the organization, its leadership and members to report hazing of any kind by members to the proper authority.
  • Checking for full-time identified unique, president, vice president, and treasurer
  • Checking for full-time identified full-time faculty/staff advisor

7. Organization is called to a meeting with the USGA/OCA Recognition Committee for any constitution revisions (if necessary).

8. Organization submits constitution changes (if required).

9. Constitution is re-read for revisions and changes:

  • If revisions are not complete, the organization is contacted and does not move forward in the process.
  • If revisions are satisfactory, constitution is approved and the group moves to next steps.

10.Organizations watch the Student Organization Orientation Training (SOOT) presentation. For more information about the SOOT presentation and follow-up quiz, refer to the SOOT

NOTE: SOOT can be completed at any time during the recognition process
NOTE: For undergraduate and joint clubs, the president, vice president (or second-in-command designee), and treasurer are required to view SOOT and take the DragonLink quiz

11. The student organization treasurer attends and completes SAFAC Treasurer Training

12. All requirements are confirmed, the organization is recognized and able to access benefits of being a recognized student organization (e.g. accessing funding/financial accounts, making space reservations, hosting events and contracting events, participation in OCA/Student Affairs events, access to e-mail accounts and space allocation, etc.)

  • Organization is notified via DragonLink/e-mail
  • A date of recognition will appear on the group’s DragonLink profile page
  • University departments are notified weekly of current list of recognized student organizations

13.Student organizations should track the progress of recognition of their own, as well as through their group’s DragonLink profile page.

NOTE: If a student organization is in financial/SAFAC debt, the group may seek recognition, but will immediately be put on-hold until the debt is resolved.  Anytime a group is in debt, they lose all recognition privileges.

Recognition is a privilege awarded to student organizations that agree to comply with Drexel University policies and procedures.