Chemical Engineering


Cultural Vistas

Cultural Vistas is a non-profit organization that has used career exploration to facilitate global exchanges for more than 60 years. Cultural Vistas is committed to its mission to enrich minds, advance global skills, build careers, and connect lives through international exchange. Through personal consultation, they get to know applicants and then identify opportunities based on each candidate's background and goals. Learn More

LP Amina

LP Amina is a multinational environmental engineering company with research and development activities in the US, Europe, and Asia. The company has over 100 full time employees and a network of over 2,000 technicians working in diverse locations around the globe. LP Amina strives to be the most innovative environmental solution provider to the energy industry and to create a sustainable, low cost energy future. We specialize in delivering complete solutions for power plants, and in addition to our established technologies, we are active in R&D leveraging facilities across the world. Our mission is to deliver the most advanced environmental technology and solutions to support the sustainable use of coal resources for power, chemistry, and other applications.

Engineering & Product Development Co-op

Engineering & Product Development Co-op