Create Your Own Opportunity

Create Your Own International Co-op

You can work anywhere! Take the opportunity to create your own international co-op experience utilizing the resources provided by the Steinbright Career Development Center. Apply.

Contact your co-op coordinator or the international co-op team ( for assistance with your international co-op job search.

Job Search Resources

Country Research- Decide where you want to work

The CIA World Factbook
A great resource to find basic information on countries around the world.

Choose from a number of countries in Europe for information on how the application process might work. There is also country-specific information about application letters and resumes/CVs.

Going Global (Available through DrexelOne)
To access this website, go to DrexelOne. Then click on the student tab. Once on the student page you should see the Steinbright Career Development Center information box which has the Going Global link.

Going Global is the leading provider of country-specific and American city-specific career and employment information, including 33 Country Career Guides, 43 USA City Career Guides, corporate profiles, and more than 600,000 internship and job listings within the United States and around the world. More than 600,000 worldwide internship and job listings are featured within Going Global. Additional features of Going Global include:

  • Job search tools - online and face-to-face resources
  • Employment trends in major industries - learn more about growing industry areas and focus your job or internship search!
  • Executive recruiters and staffing agency contacts - great contacts for students and alumni/professional job seekers
  • Work permit regulations - clearly explains the important details for international students and professional job seekers
  • Resume/CV writing guidelines
  • Interviewing and cultural advice
  • Links to American H-1B visa employers for every state

International Visitors Council
A great place to meet and network with the rising stars in a variety of industries throughout the world.

The Riley Guide’s Non-US Job Search
Offers international job search and other resources.

International CVs/Resumes - Be prepared to adapt

How to change your resume for international applications

How to conduct an international job search (by country)

International Job Listings- Start the search iWork
Search this site for internships and entry-level jobs from 28 European countries.

iHipo: International Careers
Search for international jobs and internships.

Global Gateway (
Search for job opportunities around the world. (from Action Without Borders)
Search for internships with nonprofit and community organizations around the world. Click on the "Advanced searches" link at the top of the page to find the internship postings.

International Job Search (
Search for international job opportunities by country, job type and more.

Riley Guide: International Job Opportunities
This guide provides links to online international job search resources by country or region. Work Abroad
This site provides a wealth of information on paid and volunteer work abroad, living abroad, study abroad and cultural travel overseas.

Intern Abroad
Directory of internship opportunities abroad. Search by country and/or type of internship.
This site provides information on paid and volunteer work abroad, living abroad, study abroad and cultural travel overseas.

Work Placement Programs – Explore your options

AIESEC is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting cultural understanding and international cooperation, and offers management, technical, education, and development internships abroad. You must join AISEC before you can apply for the internship program.

Cultural Vistas
Cultural Vistas provides U.S. students the opportunity to gain a work experience abroad.

Casa de Espanol Xelaju
CEX's Project La Pedrera offers students and non-students a variety of internship and volunteer work opportunities with an underserved, indigenous community in Guatamala.

The Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD, or the German Academic Exchange Service in English), offers a variety of internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student looking to do an internship in Germany

International Cooperative Education
ICE places students on paid international summer internships.

U.S. Department of State
Offers unpaid student internships, some of which are located abroad in US embassies.

Company Directories – Be specific

Use this business directory site to search for companies in Europe by business sector, products & services or theme.

Use this electronic company directory to create lists of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countires and Foreign Firms Operating in the U.S. It's easy to use and searchable by country, industry and much more!
In addition to these electronic resources, many books on international job searching are available on the Drexel Career Library website:

Study + Co-op Option

A great way to spend time in another country is to combine a study abroad and an international co-op experience. Drexel’s study abroad office offers some programs with a built-in co-op option. Students who choose this option may find it easier to search for a co-op placement while in-country, with assistance from the host university. Alternatively, students who participate in study abroad can search for their own international co-op opportunity to pursue once the study abroad program is complete. For more information about Drexel study abroad’s programs, please visit