New Zealand

North Island

Known for its cultural diversity, North Island of New Zealand is home to its largest city Auckland, and it’s capital Wellington. North Island offers magnificent sights and experiences, from the green hills of Wellington to the smoky craters of the Ruapehu region, the North Island of New Zealand is continually captivating.


NZ Internships

Play Atlantic through New Zealand Internships offers high quality work opportunities for students in New Zealand, primarily throughout North Island. They focus on the personal approach by trying to meet each candidate's objectives in the best way possible. To find matching internships for their candidates and provide job opportunities within New Zealand's leading industries and enterprises is only one of their services. Their main concern is to offer an academic, entertaining and rewarding experience to young people. They also try their best to make everybody feel comfortable in their new environment by providing a variety of social events and adventurous trips within the whole country of New Zealand. Additionally they will assist with all organizational terms of the trip (visa, flight, insurance, accommodation, arrival and orientation). NZ Internships is one of the leading internship companies in New Zealand.

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