Bosisio Parini

Bosisio Parini is a municipality in the province of Lecco in the Italian region of Lombardy, about 40 km north of Milan. The province of Lecco lies at the eastern shore of the popular tourist destination, Lake Como. Nearby Milan is famous for its prominent cathedral, fashion, finance and European football.


Instituto Scientifico Eugenio Medea

Eugenio Medea is a Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care founded by Association La Nostra Famiglia in Bosisio Parini (Lecco) in 1985. To date Eugenio Medea is the only scientific institute in Italy recognized for research and rehabilitation in childhood and adolescence. The institute boasts: the largest number of child and adolescent patients in Italy; a network of rehabilitation centers as a unique and privileged observatory for child and adolescent disabilities; and a large, multi-specialty group practice, offering both primary and specialized care, from genetics to social aspects of rehabilitation. Learn More