The Gambia

This tiny country is only 500 km long and 50 km wide and is Africa’s smallest country. It is completely enveloped by Senegal, except for 80 km of shoreline for beach-goers. It contains stunning nature reserves where visitors can participate in bird watching or safari.


weServe Africa

Service through Innovation! weServe is a unique service learning experience that qualifies for co-op credit at Drexel University. This program is open to students with an interest in service and leadership in under-served communities. weServe’s Mission:

"To enable experiential learning and leadership development for students through a firsthand understanding of healthcare needs and disparities at a local and global level, and to address such unmet needs by service through innovation and partnership. weServe is designed by and for students to build partnerships through service and leadership, to enhance their academic and professional experiences. Through weServe, students can exercise creativity when confronted with real-world problems and apply their education to the immediate benefit of patients and/or communities."

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