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Global Student Advisor Program

International Co-op

Global advisors are students who have been abroad and are available to answer your questions and concerns about living and working in other countries. If you are considering a co-op abroad, the global advisors can serve as a valuable resource for you. Whether or not your country is listed below, these students have relevant information about housing, culture, food, currency, visas, technology, and many other aspects about living and working abroad.  Being prepared and doing research prior to your trip abroad will lead to a much more positive experience as well as a more successful transition to another country.

Below is a list of the global advisors, organized by college, who you may contact directly.

Arts and Sciences

Shane Nelson    
Hong Kong and England

"The best experience was the food! I recommend that any and everyone should give the international experience a chance!"

Carley Roche    
France, Germany, Greece

"I have always had a desire to travel to distant places, meet new people, and experience different cultures. Going abroad multiple times during my time at Drexel has expanded my worldview and has given me life-long friends around the world. My favorite experience while abroad was seeing the Berlin Wall for the first time because it is such an important object in history and standing in front of it was an amazing moment."

Paige Brownell    
Australia and France

"I am extremely passionate about traveling and studying culture. I chose to do my first co-op in Australia at the Sofitel, a French luxury hotel and I'm also planning my third one abroad as well. My favorite experience traveling abroad was getting lost...all the time and living with 12 people in what they call a share house. Drexel's co-op abroad exceeded my expectations and I would strongly encourage considering if co-op abroad is right for you!"


Rasindu Threema Jayasuriya    
Economics and Finance

Australia and Sri Lanka

"I completed my last co-op in Australia, and I’m originally from Sri Lanka; therefore I’m able to talk about both of them. In addition to that, I have been selected to do my next co-op in Austria; therefore I would also be able to speak about that when I return. I completed my first co-op internationally, in Melbourne, Australia for a German multinational logistics company. The decision to complete an international co-op was mainly fuelled by my affection for traveling, but completing a co-op in a third country has also given me the opportunity to set myself apart and further broaden my global track record. During my time in Australia, I enjoyed meeting friendly locals, taking road trips and experiencing the Aussie way of life."

Jeff Nowak
Business (Legal Studies)

Ireland, Canada, Scotland


"I lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland. I worked for one of the largest and most prestigious corporate law firms in Ireland, McDowell Purcell Solicitors. The firm kept me busy running around the Four Courts (Ireland’s Supreme Court) all week so I turned into a weekend warrior. I traveled around Ireland and the United Kingdom nearly every Friday at 5:30pm to reach and experience a new city the same night. The whole experience was a fast-paced, just run with it, do all you can situation. Needless to say, I wouldn’t regret it for a second." 


Computing and Informatics

Daniel Quach    
Computer Science


"For my co-op  I worked as a front-end web developer at Forthnet, a telecommunications company. My favorite experience was the visit to Knossos, Europe's oldest city; viewing the restored frescos, throne rooms, and jars the size of humans was among many things that immersed me into Europe's earliest civilization."


Jenna Bechard     
Mechanical Engineering

Germany and Denmark


"I traveled a lot: those countries/cities include the Germany, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, London, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Bergen...I went to Bremen, Germany for the UAS7 program and worked with graduate students building a hybrid rocket. I also studied abroad in Denmark and was able to travel to a number of countries while overseas. I hope to work for a global company who will see I am comfortable in new places and living abroad. My favorite experience was watching the US vs Germany World Cup game with my "co-workers" and sharing the experience of Germany winning the cup with the entire country."

Somesh Chopra      
Electrical Engineering

India, Denmark, Brazil, Vietnam, Poland

"Being a seeker for truth all my life, my desire to explore what the world really is before completely turning inward was and will continue to be an inspiration to travel and learn more and more. Whether it be Vietnam or Denmark, traveling throws me out of a 'routine life' and brings my attention to reality where I live and embrace life moment-by-moment, which is my favorite aspect about being a backpacker."

Emily Ballantyne     
Mechanical Engineering



"I lived in Santiago, Chile and assisted with research at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile for my second co-op. I chose to live and work abroad because I wanted to know another country better than I could as a tourist, and I happily accomplished my goal. My favorite memories include cheering on the national futbol team with my Chilean friends and roommates, skiing in the Andes, hiking to the crater of Volcán Villarrica, and exploring the Atacama desert."

Media Arts and Design

Cassandra Howard     
Interior Design

"I chose to spend my time abroad because I wanted to gain experience outside of my comfort zone. I have always enjoyed traveling, and hope to make it a continuous part of my life. The many interesting people I've met on my travels, and the great friends I've made in my months spent in England top my list for best experiences abroad."