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Requirements for University Recommendation and Application

The deadline for applying for the University Recommendation is February 1, 2018 at 10 PM EST for students who are planning to matriculate into medical or dental school in 2019.

Download the Application for the University Recommendation or email Mary Beth Davis, the pre-health advisor.

University Health Professions Committee

Eligibility for University Recommendation

  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate student seeking a bachelor's degree.
  • Alumnus/a with a bachelor's degree earned at Drexel and who has completed prerequisite science courses at Drexel.


Submit a completed application for review by the University Health Professions Committee to the pre-health advisor by February 1, 2018 at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time. Decisions are made after the deadline as opposed to a rolling review process. The committee's decision will be emailed to applicants approximately three weeks after the application deadline.

Sample profile of an ideal candidate for a University Recommendation at the highest level

  • BCPM Index (composed of all biology, chemistry, physics and math courses taken at Drexel and any other school) of 3.5 or higher
  • Minimum of one year of volunteer service in a health care environment with direct patient contact
  • Service to the general community
  • Participation in the co-op program
  • Research experience
  • Demonstrated leadership ability from on-campus or off-campus activities
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills


What if I do not have a BCPM Index of 3.5?

You are still encouraged to complete the application if your record is close to 3.5 or if there are special circumstances affecting your academic performance. The BCPM Index of 3.5 is not an absolute requirement.

Is there a minimum number of hours required in a health care environment?

While there is no formal “cutoff” in terms of hours, the HP Committee and medical schools are looking for a sustained commitment over a period of time. We believe that one year is a bare minimum because of the need to have a realistic picture of a career in a health profession.  Note that for medical school applicants, shadowing physicians does not substitute for volunteer experience with direct patient engagement.

Volunteer experience in a healthcare setting with patient contact is an absolute requirement for anyone applying to medical school. In addition, the HP Committee will not recommend any student who has little or no experience in this area. 

Dental schools generally require applicants to complete 50-100 hours of shadowing dentists prior to applying to dental school.

Is there a minimum number of hours required for community service?

No, however similar to health care experience, the HP committee and medical schools are looking for a sustained commitment over a period of time. Medical schools are looking to develop community-oriented physicians; therefore, admission committees are interested in applicants with a broad exposure to people and communities as well as a demonstrated commitment to service.

What happens next if I am approved for a University Recommendation?

You will be assigned to three members of the committee for one-on-one interviews. The purpose of these interviews is twofold: to assess your appropriateness for a career in the health professions (maturity, intellectual ability, communication skills); and, to prepare you for the interview at the health profession school.

Are there levels of recommendation from the committee?

Yes. There are four levels: highest, highly, recommend, and present for consideration. All levels of recommendation for the University Recommendation are confidential. If you do not waive your right to see your University Recommendation, no level of recommendation from the University Health Professions Committee will be included in the University Recommendation letter.

What if I have more questions or concerns?

Schedule a meeting with the pre-health advisor.