Online Training

View our training sessions below. Treasurer Training is mandatory to access your organization's accounts. If you have any questions pertaining to the information in the presentation feel free to contact the SAFAC Office for clarification or answers. You must complete the online quiz after watching the presentation to receive credit for completing Treasurer Training.


FY13 Annual Allocation Training

FY13 Annual Allocation Training is required for student organizations to be eligible to receive an FY13 Annual Allocation. To complete your FY13 Annual Allocaiton Training complete the the 2 steps below:

1. Watch the Video

2. Log into collegiatelink and complete the FY13 Annual Allocation Training Acknowledgement.

1. Watch the video



2. Complete the Online Training acknowledgement

To receive credit for completing Treasurer Training for FY2012 you will need to complete the online quiz in Collegiate Link.

1. Log into Drexel One

2. Click the "drexel" tab (2nd tab from the left)

3. Click the Collegiate Link weblink

Once you are logged into Collegiate Link you will be able to see a link to the FY13 Annual Allocation Training. Once logged into Collegiate Link you can also use this direct link to go straight to the FY13 Annual Allocation Confirmation





Contract training provides a brief overview of the contract process. Contracts are necessary any time a student organization brings an external vendor or performer to campus, such as a speaker, musician, band, or caterer. The contract process is complex, but this video will help student leaders to understand the requirements and steps to organizing and creating a successful event with external vendors, performers, or companies.