Funding Guidelines

In an effort to fund some standard expenses at a reasonable rate and as a subsidizing funding source, the Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) has developed a set of funding guidelines. These guidelines (listed below) are what the SAFAC Committee will fund up to for undergraduate student organizations. When requesting funding from the SAFAC Committee we encourage you to utilize these guideline limits in your applications.


Item Max Note
Breakfast $6.00/person
Lunch $10.00/person
Dinner $12.00/person Non-cultural Food
Cultural Dinner $17.00/person cultural food
Snacks $3.00/person
Pizza $10.00/large pizza Pizza is funded at 4 people per 1-large
2L Soda $2.50/2-liter 2L soda is funded at 4 people per 2L

SAFAC will fund student organizations for other food needs based on the Student Organization Sodexho Menu Prices

Activities Expenses

Item Max Note
Entertainment $2,500.00/event This includes: DJ's, Musicians, Bands, Comedians, Lecturers, and all other performing types not listed
Decorations (small event) $75.00 Small Event - any event with 100 people or less
Decorations (large event) $125.00 Large Event - any event with more than 100 people

Travel Expenses

Item Max Note
Airfare $350.00 / person round-trip
Bus case-by-case
Rental Car $100.00 / day This includes tolls and gas
Mileage $0.25/per mile
Food $0.00 SAFAC does not fund food expenses for competitions or away games
Lodging Varies Hotel Rates + tax based on the 2012 Per Diem ADR provided by the U.S. General Services Administration

Check the SAFAC website for a complete listing of hotel and tax rates based on state and city. If your city is not listed, the next closest city that is listed will be used to determine the rate.


Item Max Note
Banner $150.00 SAFAC will fund banners only once every three years for student organizations

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