Do's and Don'ts

Of Completing an Annual Allocation Application


  1. Reference the # of students participating in each event
  2. Always give the location of an event
  3. Show your math where necessary! How did you come up with the total in the Amount Field?
  4. Use the SAFAC funding guidelines and Chestnut St. Caterers student menu for determining food costs.
  5. Use the Event Services Facilities sheet to determine set-up/clean-up costs
  6. Meet with your liaison to review your application before submitting it online!
    Your liaison can help you fix any potentially confusing/missing information.


  1. Use vague descriptions! Details are your friend.
  2. Combine multiple events into one event block.
  3. Leave the description fields blank.
  4. Leave the amount fields blank.
  5. Ask for t-shirts or promotional items just for your members.
  6. Ask for expenses for events that are NOT OPEN to the student body.
  7. Apply for events not directly related to the mission of your organization.
  8. Ask for flyer and poster printing expenses. Student organizations can print in the SORC for free and at steeply discounted prices.
    Color prints = $0.08/copy at any size and posters = $5.00 for 24”x36” after one initial free print.
  9. Do not apply for conference expenses!
    There is a separate conference fund!

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