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Charter of the Board of Governance


The University Research Computing Facility Board of Governance

September 16, 2013
Amended September 21, 2015

Article I: Summary

The Board of Governance for the University Research Computing Facility (URCF), the ‘Board’, has been formed to ensure that the URCF supports the computational research needs of the Drexel research community, consistent with the URCF’s mission, vision and strategic goals, and the availability of institutional resources. The Board is made up of Drexel faculty, staff, and administrators with computational research or computational infrastructure expertise or responsibilities.

Article II:  Membership

  1. The Board is made up of (1) six Drexel faculty members, of whom at least half have or use computational facilities located in the URCF; (2) the Vice President, Information Resources and Technology; (3) the Senior Vice Provost for Budget, Planning & Administration; and (4) the Senior Vice Provost for Research.
  2. In the first year of operation, Ken Blackney and Paul Keenan from IRT are also on the Board.   
  3. The Sr. Systems Administrator is an ex-officio Board member. 
  4. The founding faculty members of the Board are Cameron Abrams, Steve McMillan, James Rondinelli, Gail Rosen, Sandhya Kortegere, and Michael Wagner.
  5. Faculty members serve 2-year terms, which are renewable for no more than one additional consecutive 2-year term.
  6. The Chair will call for nominations for board member replacements from the general faculty every April.  Elections for new board members occur in May, and newly elected board members (if any) begin service in June.  
  7. The first term of the inaugural chair began on Sept. 16, 2013 and ends on Dec. 31, 2015 by vote of the Board.
  8. In September of a year in which the Chair stands for election, the Chair will call for nominations from among the current faculty on the Board.  A vote for the Chair will occur in the subsequent November.  The new chair (if any) begins service on Jan 1 of the following year.
  9. The Chair can serve at most two consecutive two-year terms. 

Article III: Functions

The URCF Board performs the following functions:

  1. Prepares and maintains a URCF Strategic Plan that defines the mission, vision and goals for the URCF;
  2. Provides a point of contact for University leadership to discuss campus-wide issues relevant to research computing, as well as a body ready to collaborate on campus-wide computing initiatives and proposals;
  3. Provides Drexel researchers with a body to contact for information and advice about the URCF and URCF resources;
  4. Provides a channel for Drexel researchers active in compute-intensive research to communicate their concerns and needs to University leadership;
  5. Provides advice to the Senior Vice Provost for Research and the URCF Director on matters relating to the role of the URCF in enabling state-of-the-art research computing on campus;
  6. Reviews applications from Drexel researchers requesting permission to host computational equipment in the URCF, and recommends to the URCF Director acceptance or declination of the requests;
  7. Solicits and considers nominations for Board membership;
  8. Publicizes the existence and accomplishments of the Drexel research computing community to the Drexel community at large; and
  9. Facilitates interactions among the Drexel research community to advance the practice and impact of high performance computing at Drexel.

Article IV: Role of the URCF Director

In performing its work, the Board works closely with the URCF Director, who:

  1. Assists the Board with preparation and maintenance of the URCF Strategic Plan;
  2. Is responsible for day to day operations of the URCF;
  3. Manages the application process for faculty requesting permission to house computational equipment in the URCF;
  4. Assists new users in moving and installing their equipment in the URCF;
  5. Requests and archives annual reports (1-2 pages) from all URCF users; and
  6. Produces an Annual URCF Report for the Board that describes facility utilization rates and the activities and research accomplishments of the user base.

Article V: Meeting Frequency

The Board holds regular bimonthly meetings, with additional ad hoc meetings as needed to address specific issues, such as new users of the URCF or urgent operational issues. Meetings may be conducted in person or electronically, at the discretion of the Chair. At least one meeting will be held annually that is not conducted electronically, in which the annual report will be presented, and on which discussion will be invited. This meeting will be open to all faculty and researchers, and will be announced in advance. Other meetings may be open or closed, as the Board requires.