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What if my Sponsor/Organization is not in Coeus?

If you have performed a search for a Sponsor or Organization (be sure to try a search with the asterisk* before or after all or part of the sponsor name; i.e.: *Penn*, *Pennsylvania, Penn*) in Coeus and cannot find it, please request that it be added by emailing with all of the organization’s information details. Organizations must have a DUNS number and a congressional district as well as contact information.

I accidentally deleted a proposal; can it be recovered?

No. Please use the delete proposal option with caution, proposals cannot be recovered. Proposals that have been routed cannot be deleted, and the option will disappear. If you would like those proposals removed from your queue please contact

Proposal Database Administrator Lock message

If the message Database Administrator Lock appears, you will not be able to save any updates until the lock has been removed. First, try the Locks link on the top right of Coeus screen. Remove a lock if it is there. If you are still not able to save, contact your Program Administrator. They are able to check to see if someone is currently editing the proposal.

Coeus does not have the S2S forms not in the correct order/ formatting

Coeus prints the forms in alphabetical order by form name. will put the data-stream sent in the order they want, as well as insert a table of contents. The ERA Commons will also add page numbers and put headers and footers on each page. In Coeus Premium, the Up/Down arrows can be used to put Proposal Personnel in the order required by the Sponsor; however the Up/Down arrows in the Narrative module do not affect the way the system transmits or prints the uploaded files.

Activity Type Changed message

Receipt of a warning message that the Activity Type has changed indicates that the Activity Type selected on the General Info page is different from the Activity Type used in the budget. This occurs when a budget has been marked complete and then the General Info activity type selected is changed. You should always have matching activity types, so go back and mark the budget incomplete. Coeus will prompt you with a sync budget activity type message. Click Yes. Then you may mark the budget complete again.

Cannot save proposal on first entry of General Info tab

If the fields of the General Info tab have not been completed correctly upon the first entry, the proposal will not save. Remember to use the Search link for the Sponsor field. An incorrect entry in this field is the number one cause of the inability to save.

I am submitting a Non-Competing Renewal, Resubmission, Revision or Changed/Corrected Proposal how do I link to my previous Coeus proposal?

For Non-Competing Renewals, select the search link by the Original Proposal field and search for the originally submitted proposal. Resubmissions, Revisions and Change/Corrected Proposals should be searched on the basis of the current submission to complete the Original Proposal field. Additionally, for Renewals, and Non-Competing Renewals provide the award number, again use the search link, and search by title, account or PI.

Change of Proposal Period

If the proposal start and end date on the General Info tab changes from when a budget is started, the budget dates should be changed as well. Upon entering the budget after the General Info dates change, Coeus will prompt the user to confirm change of dates. You must click Save on the Adjust Periods Tab for the new dates to appear in the budget. If you are copying a budget from a previous proposal and the number of project years has decreased, contact or your Program Administrator to make the adjustment for you.

TBA people in the budget

When entering TBA persons in the budget, please include a unique identifier in the JobCode field of the Personnel tab. Otherwise, all persons with this TBA type will be condensed into one person. If you try to make this adjustment after adding effort in the budget, you will receive an error message, because the originally entered person (by jobcode) no longer is an available reference for the budget calculations.

A note about TBA base salaries: All personnel automatically receive a 3% increase on the fiscal year, unless changed. It is easiest if you add TBA base salaries with this 3% increase in mind. Determine how many months of your budget the TBA person would be receiving the increase and subtract this amount from your base salary.

Removing persons from a budget

To remove any person from a budget, first remove the person from the salary/percent effort matrix on the Personnel Budget tab. The person should not appear in any year, and then proceed to the Personnel tab. You may then remove the person from this list of potential personnel.

The base salary for a budget person is not calculating correctly

In the Budget Set Up-Personnel, be sure that the Appointment Type selected is correct. The monthly base salary denominator will be number associated with the months of Appointment Type. Check your base salary here as well. Remember that a 3% increase at the start of every fiscal year will apply unless you made a modification (on Proposal Rates tab.) Next, confirm that on the Budget Personnel tab, the Salary Type for that individual corresponds with the number of months of the Appointment Type.

I need to remove inflation for only one person

This action must be performed by, your Program Administrator or a Coeus Power User (Premium.) The action will need to be performed before that person is added to the Personnel Budget tab matrix. Please provide the percent of effort and charge in your request.

Cost Sharing Distribution tips

The Coeus Lite Cost Sharing Distribution function has a known bug in the sensitivity of distribution of cents (which will be fixed in Coeus version 4.5.1). Please follow this process for best results: Before adding additional cost sharing distribution lines, add a source account for each of the automatically populated amounts in the Cost Sharing Distribution List. Remove any fiscal year where the cost sharing amount is zero. Save. Then split out any necessary distribution for a fiscal year one year at a time, saving between fiscal years (this way, if you run into a problem you know which fiscal year it occurs in, and all other work is saved.) When distributing an amount between source accounts for one fiscal year, use the cents on only one line. Double check calculations; do they add up to the total cost sharing amount on the top screen?