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Radiation Emergency Instructions

MINOR SPILLS involving no radiation hazard to personnel.

  1. Notify all other persons in the room or area that a spill has occurred.
  2. Prevent spread of contamination by covering the spill with absorbent paper.
  3. Decontaminate the area. Using paper towels or absorbent pads, clean towards the center of the spill. Place all waste into plastic bag and dispose as radioactive waste. Disposable gloves, lab coat, and if appropriate, shoe covers should be worn. Cleansing agents may be used after initial decontamination attempt.
  4. Survey the area and all contaminated and potentially contaminated individuals with a G-M survey meter. Survey for removable contamination using wipe samples.
  5. Report the incident to the Radiation Safety Office by telephone.

MAJOR SPILLS involving potential radiation hazard to personnel, involving personal contamination, involving actual or potential uptake of radioactive material, or which threatens to restrict the use of the facility.

  1. Clear the area: notify all persons not involved with or near the spill to vacate the room.
  2. Prevent spread of contamination: cover the spill with absorbent paper. Do NOT attempt to clean it up. Assemble all potentially contaminated personnel near the room entrance.
  3. Close the room: prevent entry into the room.
  4. Call for help: Immediately contact Radiation Safety.
  5. Decontaminate personnel: Survey personnel for contamination. Contaminated clothing should be removed and stored for evaluation by Radiation Safety. Contaminated skin should be flushed thoroughly and then washed with mild soap and lukewarm water.


  1. Rescue persons in immediate danger
  2. Alarm - activate manual pull station and call Security with the fire location.
  3. Contain the fire by closing the room.
  4. Evacuate the area. Do not attempt to extinguish the fire unless:
    1. The fire presents an immediate risk of injury to you or someone else in the area; or
    2. The fire is very small in size, easily extinguished, and you have had fire extinguisher training.

Do NOT attempt to extinguish the fire if radioactive materials are directly involved. Evacuate the area; contact Radiation Safety; and notify the firefighters that radioactive materials are involved.