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Rules and Regulations

We reserve the right to add, delete or adapt a policy for the best interest of participant safety and facility management. Any questions, please contact Scott Walker, Assistant Director of Recreation, Facilities at 215.895.2025 or <a href="mailto:">

Climbing Wall

  • Participants must be 18 years or older to participate without the written consent of their parent or legal guardian.
  • Staff must be present during the use of the wall.
  • All individuals must be approved by the Climbing Wall Director and staff for climbing access.
  • Number of climbers may be limited to ensure proper supervision.
  • Staff reserves the right to refuse, suspend or terminate wall access to any individual for unsafe behavior (use of dangerous technique, unapproved activity, etc.)
  • Climbing is a serious activity. Please visit the Climbing Wall location for specific rules and regulations.

Lockers & Storage Cubbies

  • We offer both day use lockers & rentals, as well as fitness area storage cubbies.
  • Day lockers and storage cubbies require you to bring your own lock and are for day use only. Please remove belongings after workout. At closing, padlocks on day use lockers and cubbies will be cut off, items bagged, and placed into lost and found for 5 business days, then discarded.
  • Drexel is not responsible for any damaged property, lost or stolen items.
  • Please report suspicious individuals or activity immediately.
  • In the DAC locker rooms, please be cautious of wet floors from swimmers.
  • For privacy, usage of cell phones, cameras and devices that capture pictures or video is prohibited while in locker rooms.

Fitness Track

  • Be conscious of track direction/running direction (clockwise or counter clockwise). This will vary to best maintain the track.

Track Direction

M-W-F-SU: Counter-clockwise

T-TH-S: Clockwise

  • Track is 1/12 of a mile.
  • Railings are not to be used as a stretching aid.
  • Do not block lanes and do not stretch in lane.
  • No accessory equipment permitted (weights, physio-balls, etc.) Do not carry anything that may obstruct another walking/ running lane or injure another patron.
  • Track is not a viewing or spectator area for the gymnasium.
  • Unless reserved for such, all individuals should be walking or jogging.
  • No group workouts (three or more).
  • Please use caution when entering or exiting the track. For safety reasons, please do not stop while on the track. If you need to rest, please do so in one of the corner areas.
  • For safety, do not “sprint” when track is crowded; track intended for general fitness jogging/walking and its size is not conductive for sprint workouts, relays, group workouts or the like.
  • As a general rule, slower walkers/runners should stay in the inside lane and allow faster walkers/runners to pass on the outside.
  • As a courtesy to others, avoid walking/running side by side; no more than two abreast permitted when crowded as this restricts traffic flow.
  • No food or drink (except water in plastic water bottle).

Gymnasiums & Courts

  • Proper athletic running shoes are required.
  • Basketball and Volleyball games subject to house game rules in order to allow all time to play. Basketball House Game Rules:
    • Games played to 11, win two, cap at 15.
    • Three pointers count as two points and two pointers count as one point.
    • Winning teams continue to play until they lose or choose to give up the court.
    • Winning team and “next team” must have 5 players ready to play at game time. Failure to be ready in a timely manner will result in forfeiting the turn. and placement at end of rotation.
    • A team may not have “next” on more than one court.
  • Volleyball House Game Rules:
    • Games played to 15 win by two; cap at 19.
    • Rally scoring for all games (point on every serve).
    • Winning teams continue to play until they lose or choose to give up the court.
    • Winning team & “next team” must have 5 players ready to play at game time. Failure to be ready in timely manner will result in forfeiting the turn and placement at end of rotation.
    • A team may not have “next” one more than one court.
  • Proper footwear must be worn at all Times.
  • No food/drink on the playing courts, except water in a plastic bottle.
  • No spitting, profanity, or rough play permitted.

Membership Information

All Members must be in compliance with all Drexel University policies. Please visit for more information.

Refund Policy: Drexel Recreation Center memberships are non-refundable and cannot be placed on hold unless in cases of:

  • Formal leave of absence and sabbaticals (documented verification required)
  • Changes in medical condition resulting in physical limitations (physician documentation required)

Guest Policy: All guests within the community are welcome to purchase a guest pass during the hours of the Member Services desk.

  • Drexel faculty and staff with a valid DragonCard may sign themselves in for $5/day.
  • Drexel alumni may sign themselves in for $10/day with an alumni card and photo-ID.
  • The general guest pass fee is $15/day

Any guests that come in when the member services desk is closed are required to have a sponsor sign them in. (i.e. Member, Faculty/Staff, Alumni, Student)

All guests must be at least 18 years or older. If the guest is between the ages of 15 and 18, they must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times. Photo ID is required.

Access Information: All members must present their Drexel Recreation Center Membership Card or DragonCard when accessing the Recreation Center facility. All Cards are non-transferrable.

If a Membership Card or DragonCard is presented by anyone other than the owner whose name appears on the card, Drexel Public Safety will be contacted, access will be denied, and your card will be taken away. We reserve the right to revoke membership if this occurs.

Lost Card: If one’s Membership Card and/or DragonCard is lost or stolen, a new card must be obtained in order to use the facility. To receive a new Recreation Center Membership Card visit the Member Services desk and present photo- ID. There is a $10 replacement fee for a lost or stolen card.

To receive a new DragonCard you must go to the DragonCard office located in the Creese Student Center. If a lost card is found after a new card has been issued, the previous card will no longer be valid and may not be used.

Renewing Memberships: Drexel Recreation Center memberships can be renewed by visiting the Member Services desk during hours of operation, or by calling 215.571.3830.

When renewing a couple membership, the Primary person on the account must be the one to renew if the two people cannot be present together.

Message to Parents/Guardians of Dependents:
Parents or guardians with dependents on their family membership are responsible for their dependents at all times while they’re in the Recreation Center or Daskalakis Athletic Center (DAC). In case of an injury, incident or emergency, or if your dependent has a question or concern, please know they can contact our staff and Security Officers who are present at both entrances—the Welcome Center at the Recreation Center and the Front Desk of the DAC. All areas of the facility have staff designated with two way radios to communicate questions or concerns at all times; there are also mobile Building Managers throughout the facilities to assist as needed. Lastly, there are also Emergency Phones located throughout the facility.

Lockers: Locker Rentals are available to members on a first come, first serve basis. All locker rentals are for one year from the date of purchase and must be paid in full. Prices vary upon size and destination of locker. Please visit the Member Services desk for more information on availability.

  • Day-Use Lockers: Day-use lockers are available at no charge on a first come, first serve basis. A limited number are available in both Rec & DAC locker rooms. Lockers available for day-use are labeled as such. Members must remove all items in day-use lockers when they leave the facility. If items are left overnight, locks will be cut and items removed.

Lost & Found: Any item found by our staff or turned in to our staff will be turned into lost and found, located in the DAC Security Booth. Items in lost and found will be discarded after 1 week if left unclaimed.

  • All valuables (wallets, ID, phone, jewelry, etc.) will be turned into Public Safety and items can be picked up at Drexel Police headquarters.
  • If missing an item, please let our staff in the DAC Security Booth know and they will log your name, item, date and contact information. If item is found, we will contact you to retrieve.

Equipment Rental: Equipment is available for rental at the Equipment Window, located on the first floor of the Recreation Center. With a valid DragonCard or Rec Center Membership Card, you can rent any equipment available for the day. All items must be returned on the same day they are rented otherwise a replacement fee will apply.

General Areas

  • All users must abide by all posted regulations, signage and direction provided by facility/program management.
  • All personal items must be stored in locker or cubby provided.
  • No book-bags or extraneous items in hallways.
  • No actvities (running, dancing, training, etc.) may take place in hallways
  • No video or photography without expressed approval by the Recreational Athletics Office.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times throughout the facility; sports bras may not be worn as stand alone shirts.
  • All visitors are welcome for a tour, scheduled meeting, event or activity. However if wish to utilize the facility, visitors are subject to guest pass policy.
  • No skateboards, roller blades or bikes permitted indoors.
  • Consumption or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or any illegal substances is prohibited. Any individual suspected of any such usage will be removed from the facility immediately.
  • In addition, all activity is subject to Drexel University policies and will be reported to Drexel Police as necessary.
  • Any individuals violating access policies will be removed from facility immediately and reported to Drexel Police. This includes but no limited to– opening a facility door to allow others in the facility, using another person’s identification card, etc.

Swimming Pool

  • Swimming only permitted when lifeguard is on duty.
  • Lap swimming only, unless otherwise programmed. Lap swim using ‘circle swim’ method.
  • No diving permitted. Usage of diving well prohibited.
  • No underwater swimming or prolonged holding of breath by swimmers.
  • Swimsuits are required.
  • No group activity (three or more individuals)
  • Persons who are struggling or do not demonstrate ability to swim safely will be asked to cease activity. We reserve the right to make this decision.
  • No food or drink on pool desk, except water in a plastic bottle. No chewing gum allowed in or around pool.

Fitness Floors

  • Equipment must be only used for intended use. No weight slamming or forceful dropping of weights will be tolerated.
  • We ask users to be courteous and respectful of others; please allow others to ‘work in’ or take turns when doing multiple sets on strength training equipment. Please do not monopolize cardiovascular equipment (treadmills, bikes, rowers, steppers, cross trainers and the like) usage is to be limited to 30 minutes per person.
  • Wipe off all equipment with disinfectant and paper towels when you are finished. Please do not spray disinfectant directly on cardio equipment as it may damage the electronics.
  • No excessive dress permitted (overdressing for weight loss); no ski hats, over-layering, etc. We reserve the right to stop an activity if we suspect an individual is in violation of any rules.
  • No glass bottles or sharp objects are permitted in areas, except water in a plastic bottle.
  • No denim jeans, belts, pajamas, scrubs, khakis, hooded sweatshirts or any shoes other than sneakers are permitted.
  • Use collars on barbells and employ spotters when using free-weights.Use of chalk or gripping powder is prohibited.
  • Group based exercises including Olympic lifts performed from the floor and dead-lifts may only be performed on platform(s).
  • All plates and dumbbells are to be returned to appropriate rack when completed.
  • No standing on benches or frames of any equipment. No adding ‘tape’ or any ancillary devices to equipment not provided. No stacking or placing of plates under equipment.
  • Do not move equipment. Equipment must stay in designated areas.
  • No food, gum or inhalants permitted on floors.
  • DO NOT LEAN ON MIRRORS. Please keep plates, weights and dumbbells away from mirrors.
  • No personal training may be conducted on premises unless associated with Proactive Health.
  • Group workouts are prohibited. This includes varsity, club, organizations or the like.
  • Please refrain from cell phone use on fitness floors.

Group Exercise & Activity Rooms

  • Please bring a towel to class and clean the equipment after each workout.
  • Exercise classes are first come first serve. We reserve the right to restrict classes for students, faculty, staff and members only.
  • No fighting, wrestling, sparring or the like. No personal training unless associated with Proactive Health.
  • All activities are for students, faculty, staff, facility members, academic programs and recognized student organizations only. Coaches/Instructors must be approved by the Recreation Athletics Office.
  • No food or drinks allowed (plastic water bottle permitted).
  • Proper (non-marking) footwear must be worn.
  • Do not lean on mirrors.

Squash Courts

  • Squash is the only sport permitted in the squash courts.
  • Be courteous and do not monopolize the courts. Please limit play to 1 hour when others are waiting to play. Court reservations can be made 24 hours in advance by calling the Welcome Center at 215.571.3777.