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Build the Tower

Build the Tower is a physical & mental challenge designed to be a team builder for your student organization or campus department. You are able to customize your team builder by adding or removing events as well as deciding how many team challenges your group will complete. The event will be tailored to how much time your group would like.

How it Works

A member of each team will have 1 minute to look at the picture of the tower. That person will report back to the team describing the tower (look, height, dimensions, etc.) and the materials needed to construct it. If a team member would like to look at the picture of the tower again, they must complete an obstacle station to earn each additional viewing minute.

After discussing how to proceed, teams can start collecting building materials by completing individual obstacles. For each obstacle completed, the team will be awarded 1 piece of material of their choice (a piece of paper, a popsicle stick, or a cup) available at the "material table."

Ideal team sizes consist of 5 individuals.


  • No participant is allowed to do more than 10 obstacles total
  • No participant can do any of the same obstacles more than twice
  • Building construction can start as soon as the team likes
  • There are no rules regarding how many team members can be working on building the tower or collecting materials at any given time
  • All buildings must have at least 1 "Dragon" sticker on them in order to be judged. To get a Dragon sticker, all 5 teams members must complete the "Toxic Transport" team challenge
  • Obstacles that take 2 people must be done twice to collect 2 pieces
  • 1 piece of paper can be cut but can not be used to build more than 1 block

Along with building the tower, teams must complete 2 team challenges. Team challenges must be completed with all team members. Teams will be selected randomly to complete the challenges. When teams are called, they must stop construction and head to the challenge immediately. Teams must make sure they complete both challenges prior to calling a judge to review their completed tower.

When the tower is constructed, a team must notify a judge immediately. If the tower does not look exactly like the original image, then the team will need to make the appropriate changes.

Sample Obstacle Stations

Beanbag Toss Leg Band Run
Dragon Fire Crab Walk
Steps Scooter Pull
Suicide Drill Hot Shot
Wheelbarrow Walk Weighted Ball Toss
Ball Toss Ping Pong Ball Toss

Team Challenges

Toxic Waste Transport - The objective is for the team to safely transport the Toxic Waste (a golf ball) from Point A to the decontamination zone (Point B) using the given removal device (the ring & string). Due to the level of toxicity, participants cannot be too close to the ring; as a result, they can only hold the strings within 6 inches from the end. If you drop the ball, or get too close, the team must start over.

The Maze - The objective is for the team to find their way through the maze. Participants take turns trying out different paths through the maze. There is only one correct path through the maze. The path can go left, right, forward, or diagonally. Only one participant may enter the maze at a time, trying one square at a time until making an incorrect move. Once a participant makes an incorrect move, the facilitator let's him/her know and he/she must move back to the beginning and can not go again until all other participants take a turn. After each square, the facilitator confirms that the participant has made a correct or incorrect move. The team cannot use external materials of any kind (e.g. coins to mark the correct path).

Minefield - The object is to get the entire team from the "start" to the "finish" going through the minefield. Every team member must go through. While in the minefield, participants must be blindfolded. If a participant steps on a "mine" or on/outside the boundary line, he or she must start over. Teammates outside the minefield may only verbally guide the blindfolded people. They may not physically touch them. Once every team member has made their way through the minefield and crossed the finish line, the challenge is complete.

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