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The Radiologic Technology department at Drexel University is comprised of an Associate of Science and a Bachelor of Science degree track. Both of these degrees are just a portion of radiologic imaging associate with radiology. Radiologic technology is a fast growing, fast pace, technical career that offers an individual the ability to interact with patients, plus encompass advance technical skills and knowledge. Radiology is the front runner in technical advancements in both patient diagnosis and intervention. This career is instrumental in helping physicians diagnose and finally intervene within the disease process.

Radiologic technologists aid physicians by performing radiologic exams necessary to diagnose conditions and treat patients.

The Associate of Science degree is the first step in entering this exciting career and exposes the student to the diagnostic world of Imaging, allowing them to travel through the diagnostic radiology department, operating room and surgical departments; learning required information and standards for performing essential radiographs. The program incorporates hand-on skills, clinical training with state-of-the-art equipment utilized in the field of Imaging today.

Students electing to be educated within the Bachelor's of Science program will advance their education and skills to become an Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist. For those students that chose the Bachelor's program to complete their radiology education will experience healthcare at its highest peak. These students will become and elite member of the cardiovascular team -- and participate in the technology advancements associated with heart catheterization, pacemaker insertion, stent placement and of course saving lives.

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Perform actual diagnostic x-ray examinations vital to the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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For radiology students wishing to advance their careers and skills within the field of radiology.