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Fire Safety Tips

If you get caught in a fire, survival is your top priority. You should:

  • Remain calm!
  • Feel if the door handle is hot, before exiting
    • Close the door behind you to keep the fire from spreading
  • If your clothes catch fire: Stop, Drop, and Roll!
  • Take fire alarms seriously; treat every alarm as a real emergency
  • If smoke is present in a stairwell, avoid it, and choose another route
  • Pull the fire alarm on your way out
  • Know the locations of emergency exits
  • Evacuate to your designated assembly area
  • Assist individuals with special needs
  • Get out of the building before phoning for help; make the call from a safe location
  • Check smoke alarms regularly
  • Do not tamper with fire or life safety equipment
  • Make an escape plan and practice it
  • Don't look for other people or gather up your belongings
    • Knock on doors as you leave
    • Yell “FIRE” as you leave
    • Don’t hesitate or stray from your path as you leave
  • Crawl LOW to the floor
  • Thick smoke can make it impossible to see
  • Toxic chemicals from smoke can be deadly in MINUTES
  • If you can't get out, get someone's attention
    • Yell and scream
    • Hang a sheet out of the window
    • Stay low to the ground since there is less smoke and toxic gasses close to the floor

Prevent fires from starting by taking some simple precautions:

  • Clean up immediately after parties
  • The use of candles and incense is prohibited
  • Do not overload electrical outlets
  • Do not use space heaters and halogen lamps
  • Limit use of extension cords

Kitchen Safety

  • Pay attention when you cook
  • Stay in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling, boiling, or broiling food
  • If you must leave the room even for a short period of time, turn off the stove
  • When you have finished cooking, turn off all burners and ovens


  • Never use an extension cord for a microwave since it can overload the circuit and cause a fire
  • Never use aluminum foil or metal objects in the microwave
  • Remember that even if containers feel warm, the contents themselves may be very hot and can cause severe burns

Extinguishing Grease Fires

  • Cover your pan with a lid
  • Turn off the burner
  • NEVER pour water on a grease fire