Students can take one of the following tracks within the MS curriculum, or design their own concentration. Below are several classes that are a part of each concentration offered:

1. Education Policy: EDPO 620: Education Policy; EDPO 624: Shaping American Education Policy; EDPOEDPO 628: American Education Policy and US Competition; 632: Ethics in Education Policy; EDPO 636: Access and Equity in Education PM.

2. Science and Technology Policy: PSCI 541: Technology and Developing Nations; PSCI 555: International Political Economy and Technology; PSCI 557: Globalization and Transition; PSCI 571: Science and Technology Policy.

3. Information Policy: INFO 665: Collection Management; INFO 678: Competitive Intelligence; INFO 679: Information Ethics; INFO 741: Information Systems Auditing.

4. Environmental Policy: ENVP 773: Environmental Policy Analysis Practicum; ENVP 771: Theory and Practice of Environmental Policy Analysis; ENVP 865: Environmental Justice Seminar; ENVP 522: Environmental Law; ENVP 880: Environment and Society; ENVP 523: Environmental Regulations.