EEG and Appetite Study

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About the study: We are interested in understanding brain responses to images of food. If you choose to participate, you would be asked to come in for a total of three sessions. Each session is held at Stratton Hall at the Drexel University Main Campus in University City, Philadelphia. The first visit (the screening visit) would last about 45 minutes and would let us know for sure whether or not you were eligible to participate.  The second and third visit would include the actual study procedures and would last approximately 2 hours each. These second two visits are scheduled during the morning or afternoon, within about a week of each other.

During the first visit (the screening visit), your height and weight would be measured and you would be asked to complete a series of questionnaires asking you about your health, dieting, and weight history.

During visits two and three, you would participate in the EEG portion of the study. EEG (or electroencephalogram) is a safe, non-invasive, and routinely used device that allows us to record electrical brain activity.  It involves wearing a stretchy elastic cap – almost like a shower cap – that contains a number of electrodes which make contact with your scalp.  We would ask you to wear the EEG cap while completing a computer task that involves rating a series of food images. 

The procedures during visit two and three are very similar.  However, for one of these visits, you would be asked to eat 1 hour prior to your appointment.  For the other visit, you would be asked not to eat or drink anything, besides water, the morning prior to your appointment.

To compensate you for your time, you would receive $10 for the screening visit and $30 after completing the study.

Click here to find out if you might be eligible to participate.