Research Opportunities

Volunteer Research Assistantships

Knowledge and skills in evaluating reliability and validity of psychological information "out there" in places like journals, magazines, and newspaper is critical to function in today’s community. Whether these communities are scientific or every day, being able to discern science from fiction is critical in effective and timely delivery of accurate information about, and treatment of human behavior. This is one of the core principles of our psychology program.

While classroom instruction provides basic knowledge about research with human subjects, knowledge in action is equally important. To that end we encourage students to volunteer to help on research projects in the labs of our faculty. Being part of a research team, gives you close-up, hands-on experience with how collaborative research is conducted and what goes into producing a finished published document. Importantly it also provides opportunities to sharpen your critical thinking and research skills useful in all domains of life.

Whether you want to go on into research, into clinical practice, or just use them in everyday life once you graduate, these skills are very important - so get involved!

There are several ways to find out what kinds of opportunities are available to you:

  • Check with faculty members you are taking classes with
  • Get involved in Psi Chi’s mentoring program (upper class students are often already in labs and can help you get information about openings
  • Check with fellow students
  • Check with the Undergraduate Director
  • Check Drexel’s website about research opportunities across the university

Independent Research Opportunities

Engaging actively in independent research serves an advantage in developing research skills and preparing you for the rigors of graduate school. It is a great opportunity to develop your skills as a scientist and strong mentorship with a faculty member. Students may conduct research for credit under two formal course mechanisms:

1. Independent Study PSY 480; 1 to 4 credits total in a single term


2. Senior Thesis, PSY 490, PSY 491, PSY 492; 12 credits total across three consecutive terms (i.e., 4 credits in the Fall, Winter, and Spring of the senior year).