Faculty Accepting JD-PhD Students for the 2014-15 Application Cycle

Dr. DeMatteo. Psychopathy, forensic mental health assessment, mental health law, and offender diversion.

Dr. Goldstein. Dr. Goldstein’s research focuses on forensic psychology, with a particular emphasis on juvenile justice. Broadly, research focuses on adolescents’ legal decision-making abilities. More specifically, Dr. Goldstein’s research emphasizes: 1) adolescents’ capacities to waive Miranda rights and offer confessions during police interrogations, 2) juvenile offenders’ abilities to comprehend and comply with probation requirements, 3) international/cross-cultural research on juveniles’ legal capacities in Argentina, and 4) development and evaluation of a gender-specific anger management intervention to reduce anger, aggression, and recidivism. Dr. Goldstein’s lab emphasizes the relationships between psychology, law, and public policy; training is provided in psycho-legal assessment, intervention, research, and the application of research findings to public policy.

Dr. Heilbrun. Forensic mental health assessment, violence risk assessment and risk management, interventions to reduce risk, diversion and community corrections.