Faculty Accepting Clinical PhD Students for the 2016-17 Application Cycle

Drs. Daly and Chute. Drs. Daly and Chute will co-mentor a student (Dr. Daly serving as primary mentor and Dr. Chute serving as secondary mentor) in the broad areas of pediatric psychology, pediatric neuropsychology, and clinical child and adolescent psychology. More specialized areas of interest include: 1) psychosocial correlates, neuropsychological assessment, and intervention for children with chronic illness (i.e., sickle cell disease); 2) assessment and intervention in school settings for at-risk children experiencing emotional, behavioral, and/or social problems; 3) diagnosis and intervention for children exposed to trauma; 4) technological applications for the cognitively compromised, those with acquired brain injuries, and those with brain-based disorders (ADHD).

Dr. DeMatteo. Psychopathy, forensic mental health assessment, mental health law, and alternatives to standard prosecution for offenders who are drug-involved and/or seriously mentally ill.

Dr. Heilbrun. Forensic mental health assessment, violence risk assessment and risk management, interventions to reduce risk, diversion and community corrections.

Drs. Lee and Robins. Neuropsychology and developmental disorders, with an emphasis on genetic disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and their comorbidity. Entering students will be primary in Dr. Lee’s lab, with secondary mentorship by Dr. Robins. Research and clinical opportunities will be available from both labs as well as collaborative projects that develop between Drs. Lee and Robins examining social cognition and other aspects of neuropsychological functioning in developmental disorders.

Dr. Lowe. The role of dieting and restrained eating in eating disorders; development of nutritional and environmental interventions in obesity treatment, including smartphone applications; use of neuroimaging to understand weight gain proneness, eating disorders, and obesity; role of hedonic hunger (measured with the Power of Food Scale) in eating and weight disorders; translation of empirically-supported treatments to the Renfrew Center for eating disorders.

Drs. Christine and Art Nezu. Dr. Christine Nezu's interests include Cognitive behavioral assessment and treatments, behavioral medicine, Contemporary PST (Problem-Solving Therapy) for behavioral, mood, and personality disorders, including applications for persons with heart disease and cancer, returning military, and veterans. Additional areas of interest include clinical case formulation/decision making, integrative psychotherapy approaches, and emotional-focused approaches & CBT.

Dr. Spiers. Neuropsychology, memory, sleep and cognitive health of women and men, Intersection of scientific and public understanding of neuropsychology, neuromyths and neuropsychology presented in fiction.

Faculty potentially accepting Clinical PhD students

Dr. Geller. The association between stressful life events and mental and physical health outcomes, particularly in the area of women's reproductive health (maternal mental health during pregnancy and postpartum, perinatal loss, infertility; parenting a child in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)).

Dr. Juarascio. The development and evaluation of novel treatments for eating disorders, acceptance-based behavioral treatments, emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

Dr. Schultheis. Neuropsychology, rehabilitation (traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis), functional cognition (i.e., multi-tasking, prospective memory, decision, making), the functional application of novel technologies [i.e., virtual reality (VR) simulation for driving].